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I know some might wonder... Why does a woman with grown sons and no grandkids put Barbie doll posts on her blog? Well, I'll tell you... One of my favorite childhood memories is, one day Ma sewed me a brand new pair of pajamas, then she took the fabric scraps and sewed a matching pair for my Barbie! Boy I thought that was the neatest thing in the world and felt very special indeed! Here at Pig In Mud I'll try to share simple ideas folks can make for ~or with~ girls, hoping you too can build special memories.

*Note: I'm moving my DIY Barbie Blog posts over to Happier Than A Pig In Mud. Barbie Blog costs money and I just don't have enough content to make it worth paying for. But I don't want to lose crafts I've already worked on. So older posts may be mixed in with my Saturday ReView posts, but anything new will be here on PIM, most likely on Tuesdays. Thank you for your patience with this move.

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Dress-Balloon Halter Dress for Kelly
Fairy Bubble Wands
Fairy Garden Barbie -Posing on Natural Toadstool/Mushroom