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I know some might wonder... Why does a woman with grown sons and no grandkids put Barbie doll posts on her blog? Well, I'll tell you:@) One of my favorite childhood memories is, one day Ma sewed me a brand new pair of pajamas, then she took the fabric scraps and sewed a matching pair for my Barbie! Boy I thought that was the neatest thing in the world and felt very special indeed! Here at Pig In Mud I'll try to share simple ideas folks can make for ~or with~ girls, hoping you too can build special memories.

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*Popular Posts 2019-Year End Recap
$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
4th of July Crafts Round-Up 2020
4th of July Parade -2020
Apron Pattern -No-Sew, fits Curvy Barbie and Elf on the Shelf too
Baby Bunting -Outerwear
Baby Carrier from Plastic Easter Egg-Or Pet Carrier
Baby Carrier-Sling Baby Carrier from Stray Sock
Baby Playpen from Recycled Bottle
Baby Sled from Recycled Tide Bottle
Backpack from Coin Purses from Party Section
Balloon Clothes-Summer Holidays-Barbie Shirt, Skirt and Head Band, Ken Bathing Suit
Balloon Jack-O-Lantern Outfit for Kelly or Chelsea Doll
Balloons-Barbie Size from Mini Christmas Ornaments
Balloons-Barbie Size from Ping Pong Balls
Balloon Dress for Kelly Doll
Banner or Bunting from Yarn and Paper
Barbie Bling-Necklaces from beads and elastic
Bathing Suit-Baby Bathing Suits from Balloons, Boy and Girl
Bathing Suit Cover-Up from Recycled Mesh Produce Bag
Bathing Suit from Ribbon, No-Sew, Optional Skirt from Ruffle
Bathing Suit or Dress from Headbands-Tutorial
Bathing Suit or Shorts for Ken -Free Pattern
Bathing Suit Wrap, No Sew
BBQ Diorama-Memorial Day 2020
BBQ Grill from Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Beaded Fairy Bubble Wands
Beaded Heart Statement Necklace
Beaded Necklace-How to make a necklace
Face Mask from Napkin
Fairy Garden Barbie -Posing on Natural Toadstool/Mushroom
Pillow-Throw Pillow from $1 Pencil Grips
Pillow-Throw Pillow Knit from Fuzzy Sparkle Yarn
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Three Ideas
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Two Ideas, wide ribbon and circle of foam
Pillows-Throw Pillows, Two Sided
Pool-Baby Wading Pool from Recycled Plastic Bottle
Poncho -Crochet Pattern
Poncho from Ribbon, No-Sew
Poncho Serape Hand Woven
Pregnant Barbie-DIY Baby Bump
Pumpkin Topiary-from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Puppy-made from Pipe Cleaners and Beads
Recycled Can Barbie Storage
Reindeer Antler Headband
Re-Rooting Doll Hair DIY
Sandals from Foam Sheet
Santa, Elf, Ski Hat-Extra Long-Crochet
Santa Hat from Wine Bottle Bag
Saxophone from Mardi Gras Necklace
Scarf-Crochet Chain Stitch and Eyelash Yarn
Scarf-Infinity Scarf, Crochet
Serving Tray from Bottom of Recycled Shampoo Bottle
Shoe Box Tales July 2020-Conversation with a four year old about Barbie blogs


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