Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Barbie Crafts from Recycled Objects -Dog Bath, Mug & Soup Pot

If there's a Barbie in your life chances are your girl also has a pet or two... We can either spend $20+ on a Mattel branded dog bath play set or make our own from a recycled yogurt container:@) These are the type of crafts I like best, recycling trash into something fun that sparks imagination and doll play. I used a single serving Greek yogurt from Walmart and the container is a little deep. Solution, add something to the bottom that won't float. I had some glass pebbles from an old fish bowl and they worked great! They also added a little of that blue color we associate with water, a drop of food coloring works too. My bubbles are literally from a bottle of bubbles. 

Tube of toothpaste headed to the trash? I washed a toothpaste lid, filled it with hot glue, worked the glue on top to give it a bit of a 'whipped cream' swirl or dollop... And wa-la! We have a mug for Barbie. Whether your doll likes fancy coffee or hot chocolate, this is a fun little craft for doll play and pictures. And the beauty of the swirl... You can keep hitting the glue with the tip of the hot glue gun to reshape it. I added a little brown and white acrylic paint to complete the look. 

And lastly, the easiest idea, the little scoops that come in Oxy type laundry cleaners are the perfect size for Barbie soup pots... Wash well, and they can be spray painted to look like Le Creuset if desired (which I did do here).

Let's recycle creatively and 
Have a Happy Day:@)

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  1. Fun stuff, I'm hoarding fruit cups to go on a lamp shade binge. Hoping to make a dozen or so since I ordered lights a year ago. Simple and great ideas.


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