Saturday, April 24, 2021

Saturday ReView: Great Northern Bean Sloppy Joes & Blingy Barbie Halter Top DIY

Introducing the first garment from my Jennifer Lopez line... Ha, just kidding, but I always seem to be attracted to pretty, shiny things... So I picked up some more diamond wrap ribbon at Dollar Tree and thought I'd make a cute blingy halter top for Barbie. This top comes together in minutes using hot glue (read: no-sew) and turned out glamorous and very sparkly! I do truly LOVE this top.

I think we might need one in every color...

Now, if you feel the top is a little too sparse or... risque... 
You could always add a small triangle of fabric as a lining. 
But, I think it's just fine as is๐Ÿ˜‰

Supplies: 1" wide Diamond Wrap Ribbon, hot glue gun, velcro.

Cut two approx 3 1/4" strips for around neck (count 15 rhinestones long)
Cut one 4 1/2" strip for waist (count 21 rhinestones long)
~Please note: I've made several versions, and took pics at different times, I like the written directions.
Also, every Barbie body is different... Always plan on a test garment.~

Count up 6 rhinestones, hot glue 7th rhinestone up to end together, folding mesh in half.

Hot glue each side of bottom row of rhinestones from cup to center top of waist.

Hot glue velcro to both sides of waist and top straps so it secures around Barbie's neck.

Barbie's now ready for a fun concert, fancy party or night on the town!

I love these Great Northern Bean Sloppy Joes because they can be served as an appetizer, 
a sandwich, or as a main dish with a salad on the side. 
An added bonus, they freeze well and cook up in less than 30 minutes... 
What's not to like:@)

Make something just for fun,
and have a great weekend:@)


  1. The halter tops are just adorable! I love them!

  2. Barbie’s tops are too cute! The great northern sloppy Joe’s sound yummy!

  3. Those Barbies are ready for our warm up! I am, too! And you've reminded me again to treat Bill to one of your bean recipes. He would be thrilled to come home to these!!

  4. The Barbies look adorable in their blingy tops!


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