Thursday, November 21, 2013

Extra Long Barbie Santa, Elf or Ski Hat-Crochet

This crochet Extra Long Barbie Santa, Elf or Ski Hat (use any color) is a cute project that whips up in no time! I used worsted weight yarn and wanted to make sure it would "flop" to the side so I went with the long look. To make a regular Santa hat just make a couple rows, then begin decreasing.
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Using a thinner yarn and having the doll handy for fittings would be helpful too.

And yes, it's even suitable for the office Christmas party:@)
Wouldn't this be a cute little Thanksgiving gift? After all, Santa does end the parade...
And don't hesitate to make one for Ken too, I've seen guys with some crazy hats at the ski lodge!

  • I used an H hook and inexpensive worsted weight yarn.
  • I worked every stitch into the back loop (you don't have to) and the hat is crochet in the round. 
  • You can make it as long as you'd like and sew or glue a pom-pom to the tip (or add a bell or mini plastic ornament).
  • After the first three rows and one row of the new color I switched to double crochet hoping that would help make the hat looser and flop over to the side better. A thinner yarn would help with this too.
  • Just keep decreasing and working it to a point at the bottom.
  • I think a girl can make this up to the last few rows, you'll probably have to help with that.
  • I turned it inside out, I just liked the look of that side better.
  • There is no right or wrong here folks, we're just aiming for a cone shaped hat-have fun!
DCDCR=double crochet decrease

Santa / Elf / Ski Cap Hat for Barbie
Ch 16, slip stitch into back loop of first hole (be careful not to twist the chain).
R1-3~ SC using your first color, fasten off.
R4~Attach new color and SC across.
R5-8~ DC across
R9~*DCDCR, 2 DC, repeat from *
R10-12~ DC across
R13~ DCDCR, DC, repeat from *
R14-16~ DC across
R17-18~ DCDCR, DC, repeat from *
fasten off leaving a long end of yarn for tying a pom-pom, bell or ornament to the end.


  1. I'm waiting for clothes for Ken as well as a hat Lynn :)

  2. Very cute, Lynn. I finally found somebody who will give me crochet excited.

  3. This is darling. She could wrap it around her neck for a scarf. Love the glitter touch.

  4. Oh how cute, Lynn!! Love the use of props, too. I would wear that solid black dress with the sparkley snowflake necklace in a heartbeat! Very pretty!

  5. The ornament tassel is such a cute touch! You have the most festive Barbies around :)

  6. What a cute hat - with just a few changes this could be made for my Madam Alexander dolls (they are like American Girl, but cuter)

  7. Barbie looks beautiful with your makeup for her...

  8. this is really fun! I can't wait until my granddaughter gets her first Barbie, I certainly know who to turn to for wardrobe help!

  9. All of a sudden I think you are putting me in the mood to take up crocheting again. It's been too long to say! Your Barbie things are so cute.


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