Saturday, October 12, 2013

Barbie-Crochet Sweater, Simple Bling and a fall day at the farm

Since it's getting cooler out I wanted to try crocheting a cute little sweater for Barbie, no pattern, just winged it. I made the sweater in 5 pieces, front, sleeves and 2 back pieces (it closes with a button up top.) All double crochet and I just kept holding it up to the doll and decreasing as I went.
This was the first time I used very thin yarn ($1 at AC Moore) and a dinky little 1/2.75MM hook.
It was a fun "just to see if I could do it" project and I love the way the sweater turned out!
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The necklaces are a good rainy day project for girls, but they need to be old enough to 
hold the tiny beads in their fingers and push the elastic through. Not a new idea here folks, just a reminder that it's fun to make some-and Barbie says a girl can never have enough bling:@)
The Necklaces:
  1. Elastic that's thin enough to go through seed beads or whatever beads you want to use. 
  2. String on as many beads as you'd like, add an initial or fun accent bead to the middle if desired. Make sure the circle will fit over her head/hair. The elastic will begin to fray on the end while adding beads, just trim it as necessary.
  3. Tie it off, trim the ends and I'm always a fan of a dab or two of super glue to secure the knot.
Pumpkins and pigs, sounds like a fun time at the farm!


  1. Is the yarn as soft as it looks? It looks soft.
    And I can't believe that you can do work that tiny and intricate. I really do wish I had decent skills in the hand crafts.

    1. The yarn really isn't bad. Probably marketed more for the shiny metallic string going through it though:@)

  2. Lynn, Mattel has nothing on you! Barbie is so well dressed and now she has fashion accessories too :)

  3. Fantastic! You amaze me. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  4. i'm loving farmer girl barbie! your sweater is better than many i have in my closet! :)

  5. Great job, Lynn. I can't imagine crocheting those tiny stitches. I bet my granddaughter would love a sweater for her Barbia.

  6. So cute, you really are a good crocheter. That is tiny. Love the necklace with the initial ;-) xo

  7. Darling! I want a sweater like that! Of course I don't have quite the figure that Barbie has so it might not look as spectacular! :)

  8. Lynn, you NEED a granddaughter!!! LOL Tell those boys to get busy.
    I may try to do something similar for Ms. C's Am.G. dolls. I just finished 2 more outfits for them & will post them soon.
    Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  9. Lynn! That is truly amazing that you could do this type of tiny handwork. Great job and such a pretty pink!

  10. Hi Lynn, your Barbie is a lucky girl.Always nicely dressed.

  11. Your Barbie is the best dressed Barbie there is, Lynn, and even on the farm, she's sporting some new sweater and a pretty necklace. Where's Ken?
    Happy weekend. xo

  12. You are one crafty lady, Lynn...When u were in the service, did you have time to craft...??

  13. Pinning! If I ever sit down and finally learn to crochet i am going to look this up,, Lynn, as i;m sure my grand dsaughter will be a barbie doll lover one day in the future. :)

  14. I love it! When I was a kid (not mentioning when, but it was a while ago), we made clothes for our Barbies all of the time. I don't know any kids who do that anymore - everything has to be store-bought. I am glad to see that some kids are still getting to enjoy putting homemade clothes on their Barbies.


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