Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday ReView: Cream Cheese Colored Brownies and Cat Ears Headband for Barbie DIY

These Cream Cheese Colored Brownies are a neat way to add a little color to a boxed brownie mix. I made them for Halloween here, but I can easily see them in team colors, there is a patriotic version here, and they'd be great for Christmas too. Add any candy you'd like to the center once they have cooled a bit. I posted this long before the cupcake topper candy eyeballs came out, that might be ghoulish fun for the kids:@)

And I thought we'd stick with the Halloween theme...
I have a whole series of headbands for Barbie that are made from recycled plastic bottle rings.
This cute Cat Ears Headband is the latest one.
It's a quick project that only requires a couple items and I've included a round-up of headbands for all seasons.

🎃Make something just for fun and have a great weekend:@)


  1. Your brownies are very spooky Lynn and Barbie is really rockin' her Halloween headband with the orange streaked hair!

  2. Bookmarking these ideas. I seem to have a lot of your recipes and ideas bookmarked. Thanks!

  3. Yummy brownies, Lynn, and Barbie is getting ready for trick or treat! 🎃

  4. Barbie's headband is absolutely adorable Lynn! Now I'm craving brownies, oh dear...:)


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