Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday Snipits: Pansy Planter & Barbie Headband Crafts Round-Up

I love making little headband crafts from recycled bottle rings for Barbie. And this cat ear headband comes together in no time using only two items, a sturdy bottle ring and a pipe cleaner. It can be embellished as desired, maybe a little contrasting colored pipe cleaner or faux fur in the center of each ear, but that's really not necessary to give everyone the idea of what we made. 
This comes together pretty much exactly as the Unicorn Headband HERE
The only difference is, make sure you bend the ears into a point for the cat headband. 

A fun little round-up of headband ideas for all seasons:
Honestly folks, they are pretty self-explanatory, but I do have some tutorial links below:@)

Barbie says this is puuuurrrrfect for Halloween:@)
Vintage leopard outfit from Etsy.

I was so pleased planting winter hearty pansies last year I wanted to try it again. I opted for a $2.50 pot of mixed traditional colors and hope to get pics fall through winter. Last year they colored up every time the temperature got milder and I even had some flowers in the snow:@) My mini-zinnias are still growing strong, and while they are shading my pansies a bit, I just can't pull them out yet... Can anyone else relate to that?

~Create a little seasonal fun and have a happy day🎃

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  1. Love your Doll cuties...and interesting on the planting. I haven't bought any mums this year, because it's too hot for mums and drought. First time in forever. Zinnias going strong here, but our usual frost date is around the 15th...last year it was heavy frost the 5th---so not sure when it's 90's on the 1st... what to do. Might just pop some faux flowers in some pots and call it done!LOL...kudos on the pansies...hope they make it! Sandi

  2. Your dolls look lovely and ready for Halloween, and your flowers look gorgeous too. Hope they can stay a little longer before it gets too cold. :)

  3. You’re so clever with those headbands, Lynn. I hope your pansies do well this year, too. I’ll plant some in pots soon. I can’t plant in the ground because the bunnies eat them!

  4. The headbands are all so cute and clever Lynn! I love pansies, but so do the critters in my yard, they always get eaten!

  5. What fun to make and to play with!

  6. These are all so cute! loving the reindeer!


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