Saturday, June 12, 2021

Saturday ReView: Frozen Popsicle Treat Round-Up & One Piece Barbie Tunic Top, No Hems

We just went through three days of 93+ degree weather here in Philly, and it's only June folks... I thought a nice Frozen Treat Round-Up might be a good idea:@) All very frugal, and only require a popsicle mold, easily found at the dollar store, Walmart, or, my vintage Tupperware set was $1 at the thrift store. Editorial note: I'm fond of this shape and the individual molds, it seems easier to wrap your hands around to help warm up the mold so it releases the popsicle. 

Barbie says, when it's hot outside, we all want a light breezy top,
and this No-Hem One Piece Tunic Top with open sides fits the bill!
Super easy, a 15-30 minute project that only requires pinking shears so it doesn't need to be hemmed.
Stop by DIY Barbie Blog for a full picture tutorial.

Stay cool and have a happy weekend:@)


  1. Wow, it really did jump into summer up there! We go through a lot of popsicles, time to get the mold out! Barbie looks cute and cool! Have a great weekend Lynn~

  2. I love Barbie’s cute top and those popsicles sure would taste really good right now! Happy weekend!

  3. I have those molds that I bought new way back when! LOL. It has been hot here too so these look very refreshing! Barbie looks cute in her new top :)


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