Saturday, June 3, 2023

NFL Logo Items at Dollar Tree & Barbie Hoodie from Recycled Sock DIY

Even though they aren't playing football right now, we talk about the Eagles year-round in Philadelphia:@) Dollar Tree has some really cute serving dishes and other logo theme'd items for Father's Day. I'm guessing that they probably have local teams in other states or areas too. 

The plates are thin clear plastic and won't last for many uses, 
but will be really cute if you're hosting a game day party or tailgating. 

Hanging signs and utensils...

Drinking cups and popcorn or chip size bowls.
I know summer is just starting, but...
Ya gotta grab it when you see it folks:@)

And we made a cute Summer Hoodie
Super easy, and really cute:@)

Have a happy day🌼


  1. What a find!!! I don't think we'll find the GBP version here in Colts' territory!!

  2. I live in Cleveland Browns territory. But our Dollar Tree features Cincinnati Bengals. Boooo.

  3. I saw Cowboys paraphernalia today at my Dollar Tree!


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