Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dollar Store Halloween Crafts for Barbie DIY -6 Projects

I'll be adding some Barbie round-up posts to PIM sharing several related project DIY's in one spot. And I wanted to suggest these Dollar Store Halloween Crafts for Barbie early, while we can still find craft supplies at the stores. They all come together in no time, and most $1 purchases come in quantities so they're fun for party or sleepover projects. 

I've skinnied up the instructions too, they are all seriously this easy folks:@)
Witch hats
Remove hat from stick.
Cut circle from bottom of hat, glue elastic band onto hat.

Jack-O-Lantern Kelly Outfit from Balloon
Draw face on 12" balloon (or buy balloons that already have faces-even better).
Cut off neck of balloon, cut arm holes, cut slit in bottom.

Skeleton Serving Utensils
Snip the arms off 6" skeletons at shoulder-done:@)

Skeleton Mask and Gloves
Pull head off, cut off top loop. 
Cut into the neck hole, remove 3/4 of the back of head so it slips over doll's head.
Cut the side seams holding top and bottom of hands. 
Glue on elastic (they slide over top of doll's hands).

Day of the Dead/Dia de Muertos option:
Color mask with Sharpies, glue on colorful embellishments.

Skeleton Bench
Glue decorated k-cups to underside of skeleton hand.

Barbie says it's time to get your Boo on...

🎃Make something just for spooky fun and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Your Barbie creations always amaze me, these are all so cute and clever!

  2. How clever and fun! These are such great projects to do with the kids. We don't have any children in the immediate family right now, but still decorate for the holidays for the "big" kids. You know we never grow up, we just try to learn to behave in public. ;)

  3. Great ideas, Lynn! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.


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