Saturday, October 22, 2022

Halloween: No-Bake Snack Mix, Graveyard Bean Dip, Crinkle Cookies & Barbie's Halloween 2022...

I thought we'd share a few ideas for Halloween snacks from the archives... If you're looking for an easy party snack this No-Bake Fall Snack Mix is a great idea:@) Everything is pre-made and purchased at the store, you simply mix and serve! And the best part, it can be tailored to whatever your crew likes. 

And I love this simple Graveyard Bean Dip.
It's basically a seven layer dip,
we just spooky it up a little with the presentation.

How about some fun Halloween Crinkle Cookies:

While Barbie's Cousin Rube thoroughly enjoys Christmas and all of the festivities of that season, there is no denying Halloween is his favorite holiday at the farm:@) He enlists lots of help to make things spooky and fun for everyone. GI Joe is the greeter, (and for crowd control in case anyone is feeling a little too... spirited).

Rube works hard to make everything perfect, even as guests arrive, he's untangling more festive bat lights...

The main attraction is Pumpkin Mountain where the idea is to stack as many huge Jack-O-Lanterns on top of each other as possible. This year was quite impressive! There are seating areas all around the pumpkins with small fire pits for ambiance and warmth on chilly nights. Barbie looks very comfortable...
Bones is still with us... Although bits and pieces seem to be getting brittle and breaking off. Don't you hate it when that happens😈

The fire pits are great for toasting marshmallows!

And no trip to the farm would be complete without pony rides... But of course they look a little different at Halloween😲

Pumpkins, pancakes, ghosts and goblins, guests couldn't help but be filled with Halloween spirit... And candy😉

It was a busy day at the farm, with folks coming and going all day and well into the night. But everyone had a hauntingly good time!

Well, except maybe Rube... I think he's still working on those lights! Even with a helping hand😉
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DIY's and crafts:

Oh, and November 1st clean-up???
Farm friends to the rescue:@)
Pumpkin treats for a crowd!

~Make something just for fun and 

Have a Happy Halloween Season:@)


  1. haha, fun stuff Lynn! I love no bake snack mixes, such fun to put together! I don't think I could eat an eyeball cookie though, yikes!!

  2. Great Halloween snacks, Lynn! I’m going to visit Barbie….


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