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Here are craft ideas I've posted grouped by holiday/season. There are a few food items listed that I feel deserve to be called a "craft" and I did add my cooking/canning tutorials to the bottom:@)

Valentine's Day
Beaded Heart Ornaments
Crochet Heart-3"
Dish Cloth-Crochet Heart
Glitter Foam Heart Ornaments
Maraschino Cherry Heart Shaped Fudge-Homemade
Salt Dough Ornaments using impression cookie cutters
Small Crochet Heart
Spoolie Ornament
Valentine's Table Runner
Valentine's Day Tree 2011
Valentine's Day Tree 2014
Valentine's Day Tree 2017
Valentine's Day Tree 2018 -I ♥ Eagles Superbowl Winners!

St. Patrick's Day
Bailey's White Chocolate Truffles-Homemade
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Bead-Large Accent Bead Shamrocks
Bead Letter Word Ornaments or Bracelet
Beaded Shamrock Ornament/Embellishment
Bit O'Blarney Jello Candied Popcorn
Clover Bouquet from Dollar Tree Novelty Lights
Clover Deviled Eggs
Green and Gold Dyed Popcorn
Green Braided Hair Pieces for Barbie
Hershey Kiss Shamrock Necklace or Ornaments
Irish Potatoes Candy-Homemade
K-Cup Hat for Barbie
Leprechaun Kiss Me I'm Irish Squeeze Cheeks Hershey Kiss Holder
Ornaments from Stickers
Ribbon Shamrocks
Shamrock Yo-Yo Ornaments
St. Patrick's Day Dress from $1 Bow Tie
Tree 2011
Tree 2015
Tree 2018
Tree Skirt with Garland Trim

Dish Cloth-Crochet Spring Flower
Dying Peonies with Food Coloring
K-Cup Bird Feeder
Mardi Gras Dyed Deviled Eggs
Money Butterflies

Animals made from plastic eggs
Basket Buddy Egg Holders-Foam-Bunny/Duck Quick Project for Kids-Tutorial
Basket Buddy Egg Holder-Foam-Piggy
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Beaded Fairy Bubble Wands for Barbie or 18" Dolls
Bulb Bunny Ornament-using a C9 bulb
Bunny Ears for Barbie
Bunny Juice/Soda Bottles for the Easter Basket
Bunny Napkin Fold
Candy Coated Strawberry "Carrots"
Carrot Crosses for Deviled Eggs
Carrot Ornaments from Dollar Store Candy Containers
Crochet Bunny Egg Holder-Tutorial
Crochet Duck Egg Holder
Crochet Bunny Peeps Garland
Crochet Daffodil
Dye Eggs while they cook in Instant Pot Pressure Cooker
Dyed Deviled Eggs
Easter Bonnet for Barbie from Bottle Cap
Easter Bunny from Pom-Poms and Pipe Cleaner
Easter Bunny Deviled Eggs
Easter Egg Baby or Pet Carrier for Barbie
Egg Carton Baskets-Mini
Egg Cup from Recycled K-Cup
Egg Tassel
Ferrero Rocher Bunnies
Hatching Chick Ornament or Decoration Using a Real Egg Shell
Knit/Crochet Bunny from a Square
Peeking Bunny Treat Topper
Spoolie Ornaments-Bunny Hop and Swingin'

Summer Holidays
Barbie Hammock
Baseball Team Logo Top for Barbie
Beaded Ornament Covers
Butterfly Wings for Barbie
Crochet Stars
Forever May She Wave-Pie Crust Embellishment
Patriotic Barbie Dress-Crochet
Patriotic Wreath Embellishment
Red, White and Blue Cake-Tri Colored Batter w/ Star Cookie Cutter Decoration
Red,White and Blue Cream Cheese Filled Strawberries
Red, White and Blue Deviled Eggs
Red, White and Blue Quilted Table Runner
Red, White and Blue Ribbon and Button Ornaments or Embellishments
Red, White and Blue Yo-Yo Napkin Rings-Tutorial
Stained Glass Flag
Stars and Stripes Deviled Eggs-drawn with Food Writing Pens
Tree 2012
Tree 2015
Tree 2016
Tree 2018
Tree 2019

Eagles Football Tree 2015
Eagles Football Tree 2017
Eagles Nut Squirrel Ornament-made from pipe cleaners
Eagles (or your team) Ring and Spoolie Ornaments
Fall Table Runner
Falling Leaves Pie Crust
Ferrero Rocher Turkeys
Football Deviled Eggs
Football Logo Pie Crust
Herbal Tea as a Room Freshener
Pumpkin Coaster-Crochet Pattern
Refashioned Wreath
Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Tea Light Turkeys
Team Bead Letter Ornaments
Team Candle from Recycled Jar
Team Color Marshmallows
Thanksgiving Turkey Pie Crust Decoration
Votive Candles-Dollar Tree Votive Candles with Team Embellishments
Yo-Yo Pumpkins-Picture Tutorial

Balloon Jack-O-Lantern Outfit for Kelly or Chelsea Doll
Barbie Candy Corn Dress-Tutorial
Barbie Pumpkin Pickin' Poncho
Barbie Witch Candy Centerpiece
Barbie Witch Hat-Blingy-from Dollar Tree Hair Clips
Bottle Cap Spiders-Tutorial
Button and Bead Bouquet
Candy Corn Cake-Tri Colored Batter
Candy Corn Deviled Eggs
Chenille and Honeycomb Pumpkin Head Ornaments
Crochet Flower Ornaments
Deviled Eggs for Halloween
Deviled Egg Mice
Deviled Egg Minions
Frankenstein Ornament from C7 or C9 Light Bulb
Fudge Eyeballs-using 5 Minute White Fudge Recipe
Halloween Icon Stained Glass
Halloween Tassels-Great Kids Party Idea-Tutorial
Halloween Tree-White-2010
Halloween Tree 2013
Halloween Tree 2014
Halloween Tree 2015
Halloween Tree 2016
Halloween Tree 2017
Hershey Kiss Candy Mice
Jack-O-Lantern Deviled Eggs
Jack-O-Lantern C7 or C9 Light Bulb Ornaments-Tutorial
Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Pie
Jack-O-Lantern Stained Glass
Jack-O-Lantern Tealight from Candy Container
Jack-O-Lantern Jello Jiggler
Owl Pillow Cover-Crochet
Owl-O-Ween Felt Ornaments
Mice Cheese Balls
Mummy Pie
Picture Frame Ornaments
Pop-Up Toy Ornaments
Popcorn-Dyed Orange and Green
Recycled Jar Treat Containers-Spiders using Pom-poms and pipe cleaners
Sea Shell Ghost Ornament/Decoration
Skeleton Mask and Gloves for Barbie/Ken from Dollar Store Skeleton
Skeleton Mini-Me Ornament -baker
Skeleton Mini-Me Ornament sports theme
Spider Cheese Ball
Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Suncatchers from Beads
Witch Hat Ornament or for Barbie-Felt
Yo-Yo Scarecrow Ornament/Lavender Sachet
Yo-Yo Pumpkins-both stuffed and stacked
Zombie Eyes Deviled Eggs
Zombie Ornaments or Dolls
Zombie Swinging Spoolie Ornament

Christmas Spider Ornament and Legend
Colored Popcorn Kernels
Cornbread Christmas Tree with Bell Pepper Decorations
Crochet Snowman
Crochet Stars
Deviled Eggs with Christmas Tree Decoration
Eagles (or your team) Ring and Spoolie Ornaments
Elf-Make Your Own
Ferrero Rocher Reindeer
Granny Square Ornament Covers-Crochet
Hershey Kiss Candy Mice
Naughty or Nice Stockings
Pasta-Christmas Bows, red and green dyed bow tie pasta
Peppermint Pigs-Homemade
Picture Frame Ornaments
Quilted Christmas Ball
Quilted Sports Team Christmas Balls/Ornaments
Reindeer Bottles and Last Minute Gift Tub
Rudolph Ornament from C7 or C9 Light Bulb
Salt Dough Ornaments-recipe
Santa-Football Loving Santa-Don't Be Naughty
Santa Hat-Ornament or for Barbie-Crochet
Santa Swinging Spoolie Ornament
Squirrel Ornament-made from pipe cleaners
Stained Glass Holly Leaf
Stained Glass Cardinal
Team Embellished Dollar Tree Votive Candles

Barbie Clothes and Props
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$1 Socks-Five Garments from One Pair-Tutorial
Baby Bassinet from Recycled Shampoo Bottle
Backpack from Coin Purses from Party Section
Balloon Clothes-Summer Holidays-Barbie Shirt, Skirt and Head Band, Ken Bathing Suit
Balloon Jack-O-Lantern Outfit for Kelly or Chelsea Doll
Baby Playpen from Recycled Bottle
Barbie Bling-Necklaces from beads and elastic
Bathing Suit Cover-Up from Recycled Mesh Produce Bag
Bathing Suit or Dress from Headbands-Tutorial
Bathing Suit Wrap, No Sew
BBQ Grill from Easter Egg and Pipe Cleaners
Bead and Safety Pin Basket
Beaded Fairy Bubble Wands
Beaded Necklace-How to make a necklace
Bear Skin Rug-Crochet
Belly Bling from Diamond Wrap Ribbon
Blinged Up Cocktail Dress-Crochet
Bouquet from Buttons and Beads
Bunny Ears for Easter
Butterfly Wings
Barbie Candy Centerpiece
Campfire or Fire Pit
Candy Corn Dress-tutorial
Cape, Shawl or Vest from Craft Store Doily
Chair from Thrift Store Candle Holder and Pom-Poms
Cheerleader Outfit
Cheerleader Pom-Poms from Garland
Chef Hat and Apron from Ruffle
Deviled Egg Tray-Polymer Clay and Button Tray
Dog Kennel from Recycled Bottle
Dress-Long Dress from Headband
Dress from Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial
Easter Basket from Egg Carton
Easter Bunny from Pom-Poms and Pipe Cleaner
Easter Egg Baby or Pet Carrier
Erasers for Food Props and Toys
Fall Leaf Platter/Dish from Clay
Glasses-Adding Glittery Bling
Hair Saver-Recycled Mesh Garlic Bag
Halter Top-Blingy Mesh Diamond Wrap Ribbon
Halter Top-Crochet in One Piece
Hammock-from Hanger, sticks and triple crochet
Hat from Bottle Cap-fancy!
Hat-Winter Hat from Dollar Tree Ornament
Heart Shaped Bag or Pillow-Crochet
Hooded Scarf-Crochet
Hula Skirt from Plastic Bag-Tutorial
Hooded Cape/Poncho-Picture Tutorial
Inflatable Can Holder as Pool Toy
Jack-O-Lantern Tealight from Candy Container
Jewelry-Upscaling plastic jewelry for a new look
Kelly Doll Dress from Ruffle
Ken-Team Ugly Sweater Vest
Kittens in Basket from Buttons
Lady Liberty Headband-4th of July
Long Sleeve Sweater Pattern-Knitting
Love Seat from Eyeglass Case and Pom-Poms
Matted Hair Quick Fix-Braided All Over
Mermaid Tail from Blingy Fabric
Mesh Hat for Ken from Recycled Mesh Garlic Bag
Milk Carton Chair with Woven Seat
My first crochet sweater-no pattern
Newborn Baby-Swaddled
Paper Mache Bodice
Painting Barbie Furniture
Patriotic Dress-Crochet
Pattern Sheet-Pants, Skirt and Shirt
Pattern Sheet-Top, Dress, Undies
Poncho Pattern
Pumpkin Topiary-from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Puppy-made from Pipe Cleaners and Beads
Recycled Can Barbie Storage
Reindeer Antler Headband
Tank Top for Ken from Foot of Sock
Santa, Elf, Ski Hat-Extra Long-Crochet
Serving Tray from Bottom of Recycled Shampoo Bottle
Skeleton Mask and Gloves from Dollar Store Skeleton
Skeleton Serving Utensils
Skirt-Bibbed Felt Skirt Pattern
Sled from $1 Christmas Ornament
Snowman Costume from Dollar Tree Ornament
St. Patrick's Day Dress from $1 Bow Tie
St. Patrick's Day Green Braided Hair Pieces for Barbie
St. Patrick's Day k-cup hat
Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins and K-Cup
Strapless Dress for Any Occasion-Sewing
Sunglasses from Buttons
Team Colors Top and Necklace-just the idea, no pattern
Team Logo Shirt-pattern included
Tiara, from pipe cleaners and bottle ring
Tissue Paper Flowers-Cinco de Mayo
Top from Headband and Sequin Dangle Earrings
Top-Hula "Coconut" Top from Peanut Shells
Top from Ruffle
Top-Swing Top with Diamond Mesh Ribbon, No-Sew
Tray from Shampoo Bottle Bottom
Turkey-Thanksgiving Turkey from Clay
Vase from Wooden Bead, With Flowers
Vest-for Ken, Felt, 10 Minute, No-Sew Option
Vest-Knit Outerwear
Witch Cape from Plastic Grocery Bag
Witch Hat-Blingy-from Dollar Tree Hair Clips
Witch Hat-from Dollar Tree Decorations
Witch Hat-Felt

Any Time/Other
Adding Simple Bling To Any Fabric
Air Freshener Homemade
Barbie Bathing Suit and Dress made from Headbands
Barbie Cocktail Dress-Crochet
Barbie Dress-Crochet
Barbie Hula Skirt from Recycled Plastic Bag
Chalkboard Tip-How to get your writing bright
Chocolate Hershey Kiss Mice-Good for Halloween or Christmas
Crochet Flower Ornaments
Crochet Silly Pig Coaster
Deviled Egg Dish Embellishment
Deviled Egg Minions
Deviled Eggs with Shark Fin
Dinosaur Birthday Candle
Dish Cloth-50 Minute Dish Cloth-Crochet
Dish Cloth-Basketweave-Knit
Dish Cloth-Mindless Ridged
Dish Cloth-One-sie Two-sie Pattern-Crochet
Dish Cloth-Ripple Stitch-Crochet
Dish Cloth-Using Self Striping Yarn
Drying Lavender
Drying Peppers-Preserving
Graduation Tassel Ornament-an idea someone else made, I just like it:@)
Herbal Tea as a Room Freshener
Homemade Herbs de Provence
Ice Cream Pin Cushion
Jeans Apron
Jean Pocket Potholders
Jello Candied Popcorn
Jello Frosting
K-Cup Bird Feeder
Money Butterflies
Plarn Shopping Bag-Crochet with recycled plastic bags
Team Candle Holder using recycled jar, glitter and window cling-good for any theme!
Team Embellished Votive Candles
Using Themed Cups as a Vase
Yo-Yo fabric Tutorial

Food/Canning Tutorials
Chive Blossom Vinegar
Drying Garden Basil
G-Mom-B's Jelly Roll
Guiltless Buffalo Chicken
Homemade Pickling Spice and Pickle Pot
Non-Salty Chipped Beef
Over-Easy Eggs the Easy Way
Orange Marmalade
Pickled Jalapenos
Roasted Garlic
Vinegar-Basil, Garlic and Peppercorn Infused


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