Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pennsylvania Pumpkins & Dollar Tree Barbie Witch Hat

I stopped by my local garden center to see what kinds of pumpkins they had, and just happened to take Halloween Enchantment Barbie with me for a little seasonal photo op:@) Lots of assorted colors, pumpkins, squash, and gourds for fall decorating. I love these multi-colored warty ones...

Some vibrant turban types:

Pink! Barbie's favorite:@)

Bright orange, almost blood red orange,
flatter Cinderella types:

Blush tiger stripes:

Warty white...

With an amazing assortment behind them!

Barbie Witch Hat from Dollar Tree Decorations: Pull stick out of hat and carefully cut a circle out of the felt bottom. Glue on elastic strap if desired to help the hat stay on. This doll's head is soft enough that I could put the hat on without using elastic.

Barbie says,
🍂Happy Early Fall🍁
I hope you enjoyed seeing the pumpkins!
Pictures from Fairless Hills Garden Center,
in case you're in the area.

🎃Have a great weekend:@)


  1. I love all those beautiful pumpkins!! I try to get a variety of colors---if it was up to Bill, they'd all be round and orange :)

  2. Wow!! What an amazing array of pumpkins for Barbie’s photo op! Love that Dollar Tree witches hat.


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