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Hooded Cape/Poncho for Barbie -Free Pattern, Tutorial, No Sew Option

I've been looking for a new Barbie project and as soon as I saw this really cool Hooded Cape Tutorial (that's for a woman's size cape HERE-love it!), I knew Barbie needed one... Bet your doll needs one too:@) The key to having the cape drape over the doll's body is to use well worn, soft fabric. This is the perfect project for outgrown PJ's or sweats. I used an old t-shirt because, say it with me now... That's what I had on hand-right... This can be sewn or you can make this an easy no-sew project by using Liquid Stitch.
As with most things, we have options. If you use a fabric that doesn't fray, you don't need to worry about hems, unless you want a more finished item. Using thin non-fraying fabric, I'm lovin' the cute fringe I made simply with scissors. Want a two toned hood, just cut four pieces of fabric and follow the directions HERE-sounds like fun! Have some itty bitty Eagles team logo fabric? Well then, your Barbie is ready for the Super Bowl this year:@)

Hooded Cape for Barbie Directions-Inspired by Life Sew Savory
8x10" rectangle for cape-I used 8x9" but would use 8x10" next time, and leave the back 1" longer than the front when folding fabric and cutting the hole for the head. That gives enough fabric for 1/2" fringe on front and back (the back of an 8x9" rectangle ended up about 1" short).
Fold long sides of rectangle in half leaving 1" longer for back, then fold shorter sides in half. On double folded corner, measure 1" from point creating a semi-circle cutting line.

You can save this hood pattern as a picture on your computer, then use the scroll button on your mouse to get the right size. I'd just put a piece of paper on the monitor and gently trace around the pattern.
Fold fabric right sides together. Cut 2 hood. 

Stitch (or use Liquid Stitch) 1/4" around curve of hood.

When turned to the right side, this left a little point in front that I bent under and secured with Liquid Stitch. 
Or you can turn the whole front of the hood (the part that frames her face) under and hem it.

Lay rectangle on table right side of fabric up and front of cape towards you.
Turn hood to right side. Lay center back of hood on center back of cape and begin either pinning it in place if sewing, or start Liquid Stitching in place. Go from center back to the shoulder area on each side. If you're looking for a nice finished looking garment, this is where sewing is better. The lady that made the cape had a serger and her cape turned out beautifully. For my no-sew, make one with your daughter/granddaugher on a rainy afternoon version... All I can say is, Barbie didn't complain about that neck or hood seam:@)

At this point, slip it on the doll and put the hood on her head. 
See... she's smiling:@)

As you can see above, I had a large opening in front so I used about 1" of fabric on each side and folded it into a pleat in front, 
fold facing towards the shoulder. Stitch/Liquid Stitch in place.

Cut 1/2" fringe on bottom of front and back if desired. Slip on doll, put hood up and tie long ends.
Wa-la, a cute little cape/poncho for Barbie!
It looks good with the hood down too.
Have an American Girl Doll? Stop by Life Sew Savory to see how to figure out those measurements.

Create something fun for a special girl and have a happy day:@)

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  1. I'd like to try to make this! How cute! And we rooted for the Eagles last night! I'm happy for them...and for you! Hugs, Diane

  2. Wish we had some granddaughters! Congrats to the Eagles! Great game.

  3. The poncho turned out so cute! I especially love the fringe. I'm surprised Barbie isn't wearing Eagles colors :)

  4. I love the pig with his scrolling Eagles message! And such a cute poncho for those Barbies who need a jacket :)

  5. Your Barbie is always so fashionable, Lynn! The poncho is so cute! What is Barbie going to wear for the Super Bowl??

  6. That is the most adorable poncho. you make it looks so easy.. but my Barbie would end up looking like she was wearing rags. lol.

  7. Barbie is such a fashionista Lynn! I want an adult version :) Congrats on the Eagles win, we're pulling for them all the way!

  8. It is so cute! I love the fringed bottom. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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