Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Barbie Unicorn Hat from Recycled Easter Candy Container

I love to look at seasonal candy containers to see if we can recycle them into something fun for Barbie play:@) This year Dollar Tree has tubes of bubble gum with Unicorn toppers. There are a couple other shapes too, but I thought this one would make a cute Unicorn Hat for Barbie and the Kid dolls. I know it may seem a little early to bring up an Easter craft, but we need to buy things when we see them, and Easter is early this year, March 31.

What I bought:

✂What I did- 5 Cuts:
  • Straight across bottom.
  • Straight up front to under chin.
  • Straight up back. I did end up making the cut a little longer, to just under the next bump.
  • Two curved cuts around the face.

There are other fun toppers out there, Bunny Ears tied on with ribbon. Easy and holds the doll's hair off of her face. Just cut the stopper straight off.

The shears I used, I do highly recommend getting a pair or two:

There is also a cute green carrot topper at Dollar Tree.

Other ideas:

Chelsea says, bye for now,
gotta fly:@)

Let's recycle creatively and 
Have a Happy Day🐰

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  1. I hope you have some Grands that appreciate all your cute ideas...so much fun! I'm cutting shoes and boots all the time to make them easier to get on with that same shears! Hugs, Sandi


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