Saturday, April 13, 2024

Garden Trash to Treasure, Grilled Chinese Food & Barbie...

I've mentioned before that sometimes I find a real treasure at the curb on trash day:@) I've been looking for a picnic table bench to place behind the raised bed garden to hold a couple pots of string beans. Well, I almost put my foot through the floor of my car hitting the brake when I saw this gem in the trash! Even better than wood, it mimics my cement table and benches on the patio. It's a very sturdy resin type material and a good weight, but manageable so I could put it in my trunk myself. Pulled into the driveway and got it situated in it's new home...

My before pic, temporary set-up:
Ugly but functional...
I like the new look much better💗

If you're anything like me you've been itching to fire up the grill and enjoy a little time outside... May I suggest this Grilled Chinese Food recipe. The marinade is very good and would work well with chicken, pork, or beef. I'm not a big seafood person, but have a feeling it would be good with salmon too? I did give it my darn good label, and you could make shish-ka-bobs or just toss everything right into a screaming hot grill pan. Good stuff folks:@)

Yep, I'd say ~everyone~ is ready for a BBQ...

What I did for Barbie Ham Steak from Clay:
  1. Shape clay into an oval, but have it big enough to cover what was printed on the grill grates by Mattel.
  2. Added a mini white pony bead to mimic the bone.
  3. Scored some grill lines across it and let the clay dry out.
  4. Added a little white paint to look like fat...
  5. And used a Sharpie for the grill marks-Barbie says dinner is served!

🌞Have a Great Weekend:@)


  1. Wow! That bench looks like a concrete one, Lynn! I can’t believe what a great find that was. It is absolutely beautiful. I will check out the Chinese grilled food recipe. That ham steak that Barbie is grilling is so real looking. You are beyond clever. Happy weekend to you!


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