Saturday, June 10, 2023

Felt Tote Bag for Barbie & Scrubbie Slug Barriers

Like all of us, Barbie leads a busy life:@) And she likes to take what she needs while running errands or going on a day trip, as well as have room to carry extra little goodies back home. We've made a mesh grocery bag before, let's add a nice big, roomy, tote bag to the blog. This one is extra easy because we're using sturdy felt. The felt will give it a little body, and depending upon how you want to secure the sides, this can be a sew or no-sew project. It's up to you and your girl. I used hot glue.

Just had to add a working pocket...

We're into summer mode
here at PIM😉
Nautical vibes...

✂What I did:
  1. Cut 5" x 3" piece of felt. You can make the bag as big as you'd like.
  2. Fold in half so it's 2.5" x 3". Hot glue each shorter side closed.
  3. Box the corners: Using your fingers, push back and fold each corner into a little triangle. Hot glue triangle back onto the seam. (Picture below.)
  4. Glue or sew handles to bag, you can do this either before you turn the bag inside out, or after. Handles can be anything you'd like, ribbon, jute, sewing trim, yarn, etc. Make them as long as you'd like. 
  5. Since it's all about the embellishments... I chose to turn my bag to the right side, added a little lobster pocket and glued jute handles to the outside of the bag. Very summery😎 As a point of reference, I cut two pieces of jute, 9" long for the handles. Suggestion: I don't like the open ends of the jute on the bottom of the bag... I'd keep the handles glued to the inside of the bag for a neater look.
Pic of boxed corners:

Other DIY bag projects:

Barbie says she's ready for a trip to the beach!

And the garden is just beginning to take off and grow, I'll share pics soon. As I've mentioned before, my biggest issue is slugs, they are ~everywhere~. This year I tried something new, I unrolled those copper colored metal scrubbers from Dollar Tree and cut them into circles, then used them as collars or barriers to try to keep the slugs away from the plants. While far from garden art, they do seem to help. The picture is from when I first planted about a month ago. They will rust. The idea is to stretch the circle open, slide it either up over the root ball before planting, or stretch it carefully over the plant once planted. Then nestle a little into the dirt.

🦞Have a great weekend:@)


  1. Barbie looks like she's ready to head to Maine! You've reminded me that I haven't seen slugs on our hosta in years. Now that I've typed that, they'll probably return!!! Hope you're having a nice weekend!!!

  2. You are so clever with those slug barriers, Lynn! They are nasty little critters. Barbie’s felt bag is so cute! Happy Sunday!


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