Friday, August 31, 2018

Happy Labor Day Weekend-Barbie Size Piggie Corn on the Cob Holders, Blingy Earring Top & DIY Tray

If you nose around Ebay long enough... You can find almost anything. Even things you'd never guess were out there. Like this Corn on the Cob for Barbie with ~PIG~ holders! Yep, too silly to pass up, had to get it:@) If you're one of my sons insert eye roll here... Ack, I love it.
Buttons also make great 1:6 scale food props: 
Grapes and fish on grill are buttons.

Barbie says it's entertaining season folks, with football parties, big family dinners and the holidays coming up, this Serving Tray from the Bottom of a Shampoo Bottle is a super simple ~free~ way to add a platter to your doll's kitchen accessories.

And the whole serving tray project took all of about 10 minutes-I like that in a project:@)
Blingy Top from Headband and Dangle Earrings Directions:
  1. Wrap headband around the doll, covering her chest.
  2. Pinch together at the back. Cut the headband leaving an extra 1/4" on each side for a seam allowance. You'll have a piece of headband that's about 5" long and you can make two tops from one headband.
  3. Place right sides together, sew headband closed along cut edges, back-stitching top and bottom. This creates a tube top.
  4. Turn so right side is out.
  5. Slip top on doll to determine where to sew on earrings.
  6. Either gently bend earring to slip dangle off, or cut the earring to remove dangle. Be careful and watch that sequin on top, it's not attached and will fall off.
  7. Hand sew earrings to top.
  8. Slip top on doll, decide what bottoms she should wear and admire your blingly new outfit!
What I did for tray:
I started with an empty shampoo bottle:

Cut the bottom off and washed it well:

 Then trimmed it as neatly and evenly as possible. I used these cutters:
If you don't have a pair they really come in handy!

I wish all of you a Happy Labor Day Weekend!
Don't know about you, but I might just toss a couple ears of corn on the grill:@)


  1. How cute is THAT! I love your Barbie fun and we always want to join in from FL! Hugs!

  2. I really smiled when I saw them on your DIY blog, I thought: this is perfect!!! It's true, it's amazing what you can find if you look hard enough, and I understand completely that you had to buy these hahaha! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. oh my gosh, that is the cutest!!!! They would look nice in my dollhouse! : )
    Have a great weekend.

  4. How cute is all that, Lynn??!! Barbie looks so stylish at the grill, with her homemade tray filled with her food. Those piggy corn holders are perfect. Happy Labor Day weekend to you!πŸŒ­πŸ”πŸŒ½πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  5. Now THIS Barbie knows how to please a crowd! Love that she's ready for the holiday weekend AND tailgating all through football season!

  6. I laughed out loud at those pig corn cob holders Lynn! I must have a top like Barbie's too, please let know where she shops. :) Happy Labor Day Weekend ♥

  7. I LOVE those piggy corn cob holders! How cute!!

  8. Oh my gosh, those pigs! love,, love!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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