Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday ReView: Two Ingredient Apple Pie Cups and Recycled Can Barbie Storage

As summer begins to come to an end my thoughts turn to football season and baking! These Two Ingredient Apple Pie Cups couldn't be easier and they are a nice project that kids can help make too. They simply call for a can of cinnamon rolls and a can of pie filling. While I haven't tried it, I'm sure you could also use peach pie filling. So don't hesitate to whip some up if you have a little extra time one weekend morning:@)

And I love this idea for using Recycled Spaghetti Sauce Cans for Barbie Storage! The cans are tall enough that the dolls can stand upright, helping to keep their hair neater. They can be decorated with anything desired, girls can even do that themselves. 

Front row craft links:

I used three cans, you can add as many as you need, or make a couple groups of them.

1. Peel label off of cans, wash well and dry.
2. Cover in decorative paper.
3. Tie cans together with ribbon and make a pretty bow.
4. Done😎

I'm always amused by the small stuff folks,
after I pulled the labels of off the cans and washed them I noticed this😊

♻Let's recycle creatively and have a happy day!


  1. The cans are a very cute way to stand those girls up! I have one decorated...think I"ll try that. And it's football season! I know you love football like I do and make all kinds of snacks. We have chili on the menu tonight! And I have my charm bracelet out to start wearing. Are you wearing yours? Hugs!

  2. I love everything apple and these apple cups are so easy and tempting!!! Heard the Notre Dame fight song played on our church bells last night...we're all ready for football around here!!

  3. The apple cups would make a great dessert for Thanksgiving. Thanks for this dessert idea.


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