Monday, November 18, 2019

Cookies and Gumdrops Barbie Christmas (or Birthday) Centerpiece-DIY

This Barbie cookies and gumdrops centerpiece starts with a Wilton doll topper cake pick and a Dollar Tree styrofoam cone. The cookies can be homemade or store bought (I used vanilla and chocolate Oreo minis and Nutter Butter Bites). Gumdrops are always colorful fun and Dum Dums helped fill in spots nicely. Cookies, candy and cone = $6 from Dollar Tree, I might suggest getting one more bag of gum drops, after all, it is the holidays:@)

  1. Remove plastic wrapping from cone and hot glue bottom to a sturdy heat resistant plate or pie plate (I used an 8" Corelle luncheon plate).
  2. To add gumdrops, cut toothpicks in half, poke hole in flat bottom of gum drop with point of toothpick. Then insert cut end of the toothpick into gumdrop and stick pointy end into cone. Start covering cone in candy. 
  3. To add Dum Dums, I cut the stick in half, then just poked the stick into the cone.
  4. When the cone is covered, pour any remaining gum drops onto the plate.
  5. To add cookies, **after your cone is covered in candy**, gently drill a hole into the center of each cookie with a toothpick (twist it back and forth). Then stick the other end of the toothpick into an empty spot on the cone. I liked letting my cookies stick out a little further than the candy. Note: Plan A was to just stick the toothpick into the filling of the cookies between the cookie layers, but they kept splitting apart.
  6. Safety note: We're using wooden toothpicks, the cookies come off of the toothpicks easily. I suggest small children take the gum drops off of the plate instead of the cone. 
The Wilton doll cake pick I started with:

And we ended with a mountain of yum...😊

Sometimes I'll buy a thrift store doll just for the outfit she's wearing... 
I know this was from a holiday doll at some point in time and love the candy cane bow!
The candy cane she's holding is a mini ornament from Ma's craft stash.

As for her hair...
 Yes ladies and gentleman, I am a beauty school drop-out😯
I'm adding this to my Spritz Cookie Pinterest Board because,
not only would small spritz cookies work really well, they'd be very pretty too!

Make something magical this holiday season and have a happy day🎅


  1. Such a *sweet* project Lynn :) Love Barbie's candy cane belt and pearl accessories. ♥

  2. Wouldn't any little girl (or big girl, for that matter) LOVE this?? What a fun, edible centerpiece!

  3. I have a six year old granddaughter who would die for this!

  4. What a fun centerpiece for any gathering of little girls! So inventive as usual :)

  5. You are Queen Barbie Lynn! I have seen Barbie cakes before but your cookies and candies one is much cuter! By the way, I LOVE your inspirational Fridays!


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