Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Snippets St. Pat's Day- Green Barbie Braids, Irish Flag Pizzelles and Planting Peas

St. Patrick's Day is next Saturday and our local parade is today. And since nobody wants to get pinched... This is a super simple/quick project that will yield at least two, and depending upon your creativity, up to four St. Patrick's Day Hair Pieces for Barbie. I picked up the hair clips below at Walmart as soon as I saw them and love the green braids:@)

The 97¢ hair clips for this project. I cut the metal comb of the braided set in half. Haven't done anything with the light green... yet.

Removed the comb and wrapped pipe cleaners around the ends of the braids so they wouldn't unravel.
Then trimmed the hair length to match the doll and hot glued it to a bottle ring forming a hair band. 
I really like this fun look:@)
Although I did end up taking the silly shamrock off of the top of her head...

For the other one: Glue the hair together forming a ring to go around her head and leave a long side braid-kinda hippie-ish?
Oh, and that strapless dress that's made from a 6" square of fabric... Tutorial HERE:@)

I made these Irish Flag Pizzelles HERE years ago and thought it might be fun to re-post them. 
Colorful and tasty, and disposable icing bags makes whipping up a batch a quick project.

St. Patrick's Day is also when we plant peas here in Philly. 
I'll tuck some snow peas into a planter so we can have a dinner of sweet and sour chicken or pork in June. 
It's tradition:@)

Dig out your green and have a happy day:@)


  1. Love your Irish Flag Pizzelles for St. Paddy's Lynn! Barbie's green locks are perfect for the parade! ♣

  2. I've never made nor even tasted pizzelles before. Need to add these to my must make one day list!! I can't believe it's time to start gardening already---yay!

  3. What a fun tradition to plant peas on St. Patrick's Day! Barbie looks festive with her green locks, and the pizelle is fabulous! Have fun at the parade ☘️

  4. Looks like Barbie's locks are ready for St. Patrick's Day, plus her outfit is so festive. I'm loving the Irish flag pizzelles. I must remember the disposable icing bag tip!! Thank you! Hope your peas prosper in the planter!


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