Saturday, March 2, 2024

St. Pat's Candy, Easter Small Cheesecake & Barbie Silliness...

Happy March! For this week's review I thought I'd share a couple sweet ideas for the spring holidays:@) Irish Potatoes Candy is a staple here in the Philadelphia area for St. Patrick's Day. They aren't made with potatoes (cream cheese, powdered sugar and coconut), but rolled in cinnamon to resemble potatoes. They are sweet, tasty, and ~very rich~, so I like to vary the size, aiming for about 1" and smaller. I encourage you to try it, especially if your crowd has a hearty sweet tooth, good stuff folks! 

And this Small Cheesecake is great any time, but perfect for Easter dinner. It only calls for one 8 oz brick of cream cheese, and if you use a store bought graham cracker crust, comes together in no time. (And um, we have some unfortunate pictures from the very beginning of PIM...) But I promise you will love the cheesecake:@)

I've made a ton of these easy Holiday Headbands from a Bottle Ring for Barbie, even have a round-up of ideas here. How about a fun one for St. Patrick's Day... I like to use rings that are a little sturdier than water bottles, then start by wrapping pipe cleaners around it, cut to size, shape, and glue on items for embellishment. Anything goes, feathers, buttons, sequins, flowers, beads, stickers, etc. Just have fun with it:@)

🍀🐰Have a Happy Weekend:@)


  1. The potato candy is fun stuff, and who can resist a piece of cheesecake! Barbie looks adorable in her shamrock attire!

  2. I’ve always wanted to make those potato candies, Lynn, and I’d never turn down a u e if cheesecake. Barbie looks festive in her St. Patrick’s Day headband. ☘️


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