Friday, October 18, 2013

Barbie Dress or Tunic from $1 Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial

I was really curious to see if this idea would work and think the Barbie Dress or Tunic from Stretchy Gloves turned out cute! And it's something fun and crafty to do when the girls have a sleep over:@) The best part, you can get two pair of gloves for $1 at Dollar Tree! When's the last time you spent 25¢ on Barbie clothes?
I did use adult size gloves and it only requires one seam up each side-gotta love that!
Just got back from JoAnn Fabrics, they have some really great colors! 99¢ winter white anyone?
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The Dress/Tunic:
  1. Cut the very tips (the part that looks like a seam) off of the index and ring fingers.
  2. **Leaving about 1", cut the middle finger off. (I measured mine and left 1/2", I think a little longer would be more like a turtle neck).
  3. Turn the glove inside out. (**My stubby middle finger stayed inside the glove.)
  4. The white yarn shows where you'll sew the side seams. Sew the seams, back stitching at the beginning and end. I did use a zig-zag stretch stitch.
  5. Cut the sides off of the glove. 
  6. Turn the dress right-side out. (See, there's the neck!)
  7. You'll need to stretch the neck a bit to get it over the doll's head, but it will fit. Stretching it will give the neck that rolled, rounded knit look.
  8. Dress the doll, smooth out Barbie's hair and smile-you just made something neat!
  9. There are three raw edges on this knit garment (neck and arm holes), if you're concerned about fraying/fuzzies I understand Google can suggest ways to seal them. This dress has been on and off different dolls no less than 10 times and it's fine for me:@)


  1. Oh my goodness, Lynn, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity. This is such an easy (and cheap!) project, that even the girls could help. Barbie can be fashionable for pennies! xo

  2. Makes me wish I had a Barbie--or a reason to have a Barbie.


  3. Oh my goodness, this is the first one that I think I could actually do myself. I can't even comprehend the creative mind that looks at a stretchy glove and thinks, Barbie dress! So cute!!

  4. So cute and clever, Lynn. I remember making clothes for my baby dolls out of socks when I was a kid. I think the info came from an article in Family Circle. Knowing me, I probably still have the info buried in a box of paper someplace. You're right, this would be a great idea to do at a sleepover of Barbie-loving little girls.

  5. That is CUTE! And probably a lot nicer than most of the "real" Barbie clothes they sell these days.

  6. You are so clever using gloves for a dress! That would have never occurred to me in a million years :)

  7. My 4 year-old is sooooo excited for me to make one of these for her! Thanks for the cute idea!

  8. My granddaughter will love this one! I can't believe all the fun things you come up with! Always fun.

  9. Just found this, I'll bet it would work just as well for a Monster High or Ever After High doll! :)

  10. Thank you for this. It works with Ken dolls. We made a turtleneck sweater and used the middle finger tip as a cap. He now looks very nautical, captain like.


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