Monday, September 23, 2013

Barbie Cheerleaders Outfits!

I'm really excited about my PIGSkin Challenge this week folks! I drew up the pattern for these Barbie Cheerleader Outfits myself and think they really turned out cute. Each one has a little bling and would tickle any little (or big) girl I'm sure:@)
Simply bunch up some tinsel and tie it together with thread for the fun pom-poms.
And here's a great tip from Pinterest: Paint undies on your Barbies with nail polish-brilliant!

The Girls are all ready for next Sunday...
If your family has fanatical sports fans how about adding to the fun with a little
Cheerleader Barbie Outfit to support your team!

Have a happy day:@)


  1. You are so talented, Lynn! If I tried this, the doll would be covered decently, but certainly not attractively!

  2. Darling. Those would go like wildfire here in this Husker crazed state! All you need is a big red N.

  3. Cute!! I loved to play with Barbies so much growing up so I have loved all these outfits. This one is particularly cute. I hope I have granddaughters who are Barbie girls some day.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous, stunning! Great job! I love this post, Lynn.

  5. Oh my... too cute! I'm loving the Barbie outfits and I know my granddaughter will, too. xo

  6. Lynn, I am LOVING all your Barbie outfit posts!! These outfits may be the best so far! Did you have a Barbie growing up? I did not-- I had Tammy but I really wanted Barbie. I think I compensated by having Santa drop off one every year for my daughter, although she had little interest. Now the big question--are you planning to make these cheerleader outfits for NY Giants fans? hehehe Linda

  7. Lynn, these cheerleader outfits are too cute! I love the idea of nail polish undies for Barbie!

  8. Very nice! I know they will be popular! Isn't that Eagles girl beautiful :)

  9. Beautiful. Do you share the pattern?


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