Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Team Logo Shirt for Barbie-Pattern Included

Last year Barbie got all decked out in a cute cheerleader outfit, this year she's a little more low key and... comfortable. I made this Team Logo Shirt for my Personal PIGskin Challenge this week, it was a fairly easy project that I think older girls can help make for themselves. Now, I'm not saying this is a fancy piece of tailored clothing folks, just a little something extra for Barbie's weekend wardrobe... To show some team spirit!
Yes, Barbie is enjoying the game at Ken's new outdoor Tiki Bar, fully equipped with HD TV and misting fans...
And yes, I want her life:@)

I've shared this pattern sheet from embyquinn before, my directions for making the pants can be found HERE. I remind everyone to familiarize yourself with just how small 1/8" hems really are. Save the pic and use your mouse to scroll until the little box is about 1", then either print it out or place a piece of paper over your monitor and gently trace the pattern.

Team Logo Shirt for Barbie-these are just my suggestions, please comment if there's an easier way...
  1. Cut fabric per instructions on pattern pieces. Make sure you lay the pieces so the right sides of the fabric match up.
  2. Sew shoulder seams first and press the hem open. I didn't sew this first and it was an obvious mistake... 
  3. Fold the bottom hems up 1/8" to the wrong side of fabric and press, do the same for the arm holes and neck hole. **See note for neck opening.
  4. Sew all pressed hems. 
  5. Fold over and hem the back openings. Add velcro, snaps or buttons for closure.
  6. Sew the sides together.
  7. Add any trim or embellishments.
**Note: In looking at the pattern pieces I thought the neck was going to have a very wide opening, and it did. I decided to simply add a little jumbo rick-rack trim instead of turning the neck under and sewing it. The rick-rack was attached with Liquid Stitch-love that stuff!

Another simple idea for showing some team spirit is adding a little logo ribbon to any outfit. You can always cut out the logo and glue or sew it onto a top, but I'm using it as a sash or belt so it doesn't alter the original top. For the sash, cut the ribbon long enough to go around the doll's shoulder and hot glue a little velcro to the back to close it.

Same thing for the belt or bottom of the shirt, you just need enough ribbon to go around the doll's waist.
My ribbon is from Walmart and is 7/8" wide.
Barbie says, show your team colors and have a happy day😊


  1. This is just sooooo clever, Lynn! Between you and Shelia, these are the best dressed Barbies EVER!



  2. She looks darned cute all decked out! Now let's get our teams to have winning seasons!

  3. Yes, Barbie does have quite the life... misting fans and HDTV! Wow! Her outfit is just so team spirited, Lynn. You and Barbie are the Eagles biggest fans. I hope you have your own good luck shirt?

  4. Barbie looks so relaxed and very cute in her pretty shirt and jeans, with a cold beer ... she's a lucky doll!

  5. I want Barbie's life (and figure) too Lynn! I'm guessing that's lite beer :)

  6. How cute is this...what a lucky girl..

  7. Hi Lynn, Sometimes a girl needs a little comfort, you know, on those days when she's feeling a little puffy from the night before! :) I wish I could look this good in a sweatshirt! She's lucky to have such a clever fashion designer. Linda
    p.s. I found a USA tablecloth after I saw yours and used it for my picnic today!

  8. Outdoor misters, now you're talkin! Barbie looks cool as a cucumber sipping away in her Eagles garb!

  9. Barbie looks adorable in her new outfit. She's all set for the game.

  10. I'm grinning.
    And I'm picturing my Malibu Barbie all decked out in a big old DAWG shirt.


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