Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday ReView: Barbie Ribbon Poncho & Italian Sausage Meatballs w/Cranberry Glaze

As soon as I saw this cute plaid ribbon at Dollar Tree I envisioned a holiday poncho for Barbie. Even better, it's a no-sew poncho for Barbie. The ribbon design reminds me of a warm, woven wool. Ribbon, hot glue and 20 minutes of your time are all that's needed to create this fun outerwear garment for your doll. You can leave it plain or add some fancy sewing trim to the bottom. Barbie says, oh yea, she's a fancy kinda gal...
The trim makes it look more finished and adds a little fun, good options include: 
Pom-poms, rick-rack, fringe, pretty ribbon, beads, etc.
Lovin' these itty pom-poms I found among some Christmas ribbon at Walmart a year or so ago😊

Side view:

The ribbon I started with:

7" long piece of ribbon that's 2 1/2" wide
3" long piece of ribbon that's 2 1/2" wide
trim for edges if desired
Hot glue or Liquid Stitch (Liquid Stitch will take longer to dry)

1. Tuck under and glue 1/4" of shorter piece to the bottom of the 7" piece.
2. If using trim, ***please ignore this picture and just glue it on once the poncho is complete***
3. Glue second side of shorter ribbon 1/4" under 7" piece, creating a cone type shape. (If you lay the 7" ribbon over the doll's right shoulder and wrap the short end around the other shoulder, it will make sense.)
4. Note: If the opening for her head is a bit tight after you finish the poncho, you can open up the seam in the back a tad to make it easier for kids to dress the doll.
5. Now Barbie's ready for cooler weather and the holidays😉 

Two more cute outerwear ideas:

And I made these Italian Sausage Meatballs with Cranberry Glaze way back in 2013... I think it's time to make them again:@) Not only are they really different, they are ~very~ good. A little sweet and a little tangy with a nice sticky glaze. This might just turn out to be one of your signature dishes for the holidays or get-togethers folks, don't hesitate to give it a try!

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone...
I know it will be a different holiday this year, but let's still make it a good one:@)


  1. Bookmarking the older post. I now have a bookmark with your name to keep all the delicious recipes you share.

  2. The meatballs look so yummy and Barbie is ready for the cooler temperatures. The poncho looks so easy!

  3. The meatballs sound wonderful, I like that they're made fresh with Italian sausage rather than using purchased frozen meatballs and the sauce sounds yummy. Barbie looks very stylish!

  4. What a delicious idea! I love cranberry sauce!

  5. Those meatballs sounds so good and perfect for holiday entertaining. Barbie looks so cute in that poncho. Have a happy Thanksgiving Lynn.


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