Saturday, March 4, 2023

Jello Candied Popcorn & Oversized St Pat's Golf Hat & Mustache for Barbie-Free Pattern

St. Patrick's Day is coming up quickly and this green Bit O'Blarney Jello Candied Popcorn is a very tasty treat. And if you're serving a large crowd, why not mix up a second batch with some lemon Jello and make it green and gold. I do recommend this as an adult project though, we are melting sugar, and that gets super ~hot~. But somehow I think the kids will be happy just eating the popcorn:@)

This Over Sized Golf Hat for Barbie, Ken, or action figure dolls starts with a simple fabric yo-yo, add a felt brim, and the finishing touch, a pom-pom on top. Cute:@) This is a 30 minute craft, especially after the first one, so you can make a couple in different fabrics and designs... I used a standard printed cotton fabric, found at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and craft stores. The hats would be cute for any holiday or occasion. 

Perfect for some silly St. Patrick's Day fun...

✂What I did:
  1. Start with a 5" circle of fabric. It doesn't need to be exact folks, we're just aiming for a floppy, oversized hat. I traced around a Corelle ice cream bowl.
  2. Fold the right side over approximately 1/4" and loosely sew all the way around the circle with double thread. I have a good picture tutorial about how to make a yo-yo here.
  3. Gently begin to snug up the thread to create a pouch, ~but~ unlike normal yo-yo's, keep the open center larger. This is what will fit over the doll's head. It's good to have a doll handy for fittings...
  4. Once you decide how large you'd like the opening tie a knot in the string.
  5. Shape the hat so the opening is in the center, smoosh the fabric creating a bit of a fold around the outer edge. (Picture below).
  6. Cut brim from felt, or any stiffer material, color of choice.
  7. Hot glue brim onto front of hat at opening of circle. (Same pic below.)
  8. Tip: You can add some batting or cotton ball to inside of hat, push towards outer edge to add a little fullness if it seems too flat.
  9. Glue pom-pom to top if desired-done!
Pic of underside:

Brim pattern:
From side to side approximately 1 1/4".
Want a bigger, floppier bill?
Simply cut it larger.

These stick-on orange and green mustaches would be fun for St. Pat's doll play. And of course, the kids would have a great time sticking them to their own faces for the parade too:@) Here I've added the orange one straight from the pack to Ken for an oversized mustache, and trimmed the green felt one to show how it might fit a tad better. I only removed a little of the paper from the center so it would stick on the dolls. You get three of each style in a pack.

The stickers I picked up:
Each one is a little over 3" long.
Great for 18" dolls too...

A while ago I showed how to make Barbie size

One of the St. Pat's end displays at Dollar Tree:

1990's striped shirt thrift store rescue...
No Ken's will be pinched on my blog!!!😉

Now Ken is ready for the parade😎

Happy Saturday Everyone-have fun:@)


  1. Wow, Jello on my popcorn, that's crazy! Barbie's hat is too cute!

  2. Barbie's hat is so cute! How clever to use a yo yo, Lynn. I’d love some of that candied popcorn for a St. Patrick’s Day treat. ☘️


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