Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Basket for Barbie from Egg Carton

Here's a fun craft to do with the kids, these Barbie Easter Baskets couldn't be easier and are just too cute! The best part is, even the youngest girl can help make them. Simply cut the cup out of the egg carton and square up the top a bit. From there you just need glue and some pretty/blingy items from your stash. And of course the Easter baskets would be fun to use in any craft or vignette with smaller figures.
You can cover the basket in ribbon, scrapbook paper or paint. Additional embellishments could be rick rack, pipe cleaners, ruffle trim, stickers, feathers, flowers, glitter or anything else you may have or can think of.
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  • After you cut the cups out of the egg carton and square the edges up, they aren't very deep. I used 5/8" ribbon and it worked well for mine. 
  • If desired, trim ribbon to lay on the flat part (bottom) and glue it on. Then I cut four pieces to glue to the sides (this was easier than trying to deal with making one long piece of ribbon lay flat since the sides of the egg carton are at an angle). 
  • The handle is a pipe cleaner glued to the inside of the egg cup.
  • At this point it's all about trim and embellishment!
  • I think Jelly Belly's or Tic Tacs would be cute in the basket.
Easter is April 20th this year so there's still plenty of time to empty an egg carton and create some memories!


  1. just too cute! i think you have the happiest and most accessorized barbies in the land!

  2. I am doing this for my granddaughter. Where did you find the cute little rabbit?

    Cute outfit Barbie has on.

    1. The bunny is a food pick I found at Walmart last year:@)

  3. The Barbies in your house are taken care of so well! Wish I had a granddaughter :)

  4. So cute!! If I ever get a Grandgirl, I will be visiting your archives for all the Barbie items!

  5. You are SO clever, Lynn!

  6. What a cute idea! Of all of my Barbies will want one, too! Better buy more eggs! heehee! happy weekend! Hugs!

  7. That is just so adorable! My granddughters will love this idea! You are a clever lady~

  8. I'm clueless when it comes to crafting, so thanks for this great tip! Hoping to have a granddaughter one day...then I will put my crafting cap on :)

  9. Too cute Lynn! Love the ribbon & pipe cleaner handle :)

  10. Barbie, ever so fashionable again for each season with her beautiful Easter basket.

  11. Barbie never misses a holiday! How clever to use an egg carton, it's adorable!

  12. The decorating ideas are endless with this project. What fun! Your Barbie is like my dollhouses. She's always ready for a holiday and a reason to celebrate! Hugs!

  13. Adorable. I want an Easter basket like that! :)

  14. Barbie looks so happy with her darling Easter basket, which is just too clever, Lynn. I'll bet Earl is wondering where his is!

  15. Your Barbie is the luckiest girl on the planet! Her Easter basket is adorable!

  16. You are the niftiest little micro-crafter I know!


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