Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Opening Day of Baseball Phillies Logo (or Your Team) Tank Top for Barbie-Free Patterns

Is Barbie more excited about baseball or the promise of warmer weather? Hmmm... A grilled hot dog sounds pretty good right about now...

I didn't know there was a second sheet of free Barbie patterns from EmbyQuinn but I'm sure glad I found it, and I finally tracked down her instructions too:@) Different logo fabrics can be found at stores like JoAnn Fabric and mine was from Walmart years ago. This Team Logo Tank Top for Barbie is a variation of the cropped top on the pattern sheet. I didn't add the sleeves, increased the armhole hem and I added 1/2" to the length.
 If you're a seasoned sewer this would whip up in no time. I am not a seasoned sewer and spent less than an hour working on it. 
My back closure is Velcro.
The only thing I'd do differently is sew the bottom hem after the sides are sewn together (yep, I didn't follow directions... again).
Sewing order for tank top hems: Neck, arm holes, sides, back and then bottom.

Here's the pattern sheet, save it and use the scroll button on your mouse until the gray box is 1". 
Emby's directions for sewing can be found HERE.
I can't wait to play with the dress next:@)
Another pattern sheet with pants, skirt and shirt can be found HERE.

My best advice is go easy on yourself, these dinky clothes can be challenging and don't need to be perfect... 
Have you seen the quality of the doll clothes they're selling that are made in China? And they are working on them all day! 
Have fun, this is a labor of love:@)


  1. I declare Barbie the cutest fan of the Phillies ever.

  2. How cute! Bring on the grilled dogs!

  3. Barbie is sure stylin' for opening day, Lynn! Love the fabric that you found in your stash. What a fan!

  4. Too fun Lynn! I love how you celebrate your team spirit :)


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