Tuesday, July 5, 2016

DIY Pipe Cleaner Puppy for Barbie and Kittens from Craft Buttons

Anyone surprised that Barbie would have a cute little lap dog... anyone??? I didn't think so:@) I've wanted a little pet for Barbie for a while and noticed these Pipe Cleaner Dogs while nosing around crafts on Pinterest one day. Had to stop everything and immediately make one! It took all of about 10 minutes and he turned out sweet. I could see a whole litter in all different colors.

 It only takes 2 1/2 pipe cleaners and three beads. The hardest part is pushing the beads onto the pipe cleaner. 
(Be sure to test this ahead of time if this is a kid's project. My smallest beads wouldn't fit onto the pipe cleaner.)
They are totally poseable, vary by how long you make the snout, ears and tail, and most importantly... are housebroken:@)
 I couldn't add anything to the incredible instructional YouTube video HERE
Watch it once and you'll know you (or your daughter or granddaughter) can do this too!

Prefer kittens?
I couldn't get over how cute a $1.97 pack of kitten buttons were at Walmart and thought they'd be fun for Barbie.
There were five kittens, all in different colors and positions.
Adorable and perfect for Barbie's house play, pictures and dioramas.

A small basket from the crafting stash made a perfect little bed.
I used a large pom-pom, but another bedding option is sewing a simple yo-yo (yo-yo tutorial here) and stuffing it with a couple cotton balls.
The kittens can then be glued in place or positioned as desired.

I do have to say, these kittens are a little easier to corral than the real thing😉

My inspiration:

Every Barbie should have a pet!

Craft some furry little friends and have a happy day:@)


  1. (i could see a pack of these as tree ornaments, too...) :)

  2. Now how cute is that?!! I think my grands would love making a cute little pipe cleaner puppy!

  3. Super adorable and I imagine once you make one it would be hard to stop. Wonder if I could create a schnauzer ;)

  4. How cute is that! I may have to try to twist and turn some pipe cleaners. But mine probably won't come out looking like an animal! haha! Hugs, Diane

  5. Too cute Lynn! I think Barbie needs two white dogs :)


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