Sunday, October 26, 2014

Barbie's Halloween Costume 2014-Spider Woman

The main idea behind this year's Barbie Spider Woman Halloween Costume is to show how decorated hairbands can be slid onto her waist to create a fun outfit! I picked up these spider hairbands at AC Moore last year, a pack of two for $1. The necklace is a plastic spider ring with the ring part cut off and glued onto a sparkly pipe cleaner. Her headband is the ring from a water bottle with another spider hot glued onto it. I chose green because of the iridescent spiders on the hairbands.
 It was a bright day and the camera created it's own almost glowing spooky effects... 

And in the true spirit of Halloween here are some filter effects from
Be sacred, very scared...
Make time to play and have a happy day:@)


  1. This is awesome Lynn, great costume, and the last picture is amazing! xx

  2. Wowza Lynn, the filter effects are crazy cool! Barbie makes a great Spider Woman, so creative!

  3. Lynn, What Spooky fun with the spiders and effects for Barbie! I love how you used the ring from the water bottle for a headband :)

  4. This was too much fun! The black-haired Barbie made all the difference. I immediately thought of Morticia Addams.

  5. Barbie is ready for Halloween. I thought of Morticia too when I first saw her.

  6. You're so creative and Barbie gets the best costumes ever! The photos did turn out very eerie!!

  7. Barbie is a hoot!!! : ) I still have my Michael Jackson Thriller barbie.. she could totally hang out with him.

  8. Oh my! All of my dollies will want to dress up, too! I wish you could have seen all of the signs around the BBQ place I posted today. The pig's name is Bacon....sign said, Don't feed bacon! lol Have a fun week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  9. Clever and rather pretty, in a Halloweenish way.


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