Saturday, January 13, 2018

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Poached (Soft Boiled) Eggs

I literally got up and tried this the minute I saw it on Pinterest! When I was a kid soft boiled was my favorite way to eat eggs, but they were messy and there were bits of shell involved... These Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Poached/Soft Boiled Eggs turn out great! But they do require a specialty purchase, the silicone egg cups. I just happened to have the cups because I am kitchen gadget freak tried them years ago using boiling water on the stove, but didn't care for that, the PC makes them perfect. It's so nice to have soft boiled eggs as a breakfast option again:@)

  I've made this 3 minute egg several times now, I might try a 2 minute one next for giggles.
Update to self: Use 2 minutes.

The key to this is timing, we have to be on top of this method so the eggs don't over cook.
  1. 1 C water in vessel.
  2. Spray egg cups with cooking spray, crack one egg into each cup and set on trivet in PC.
  3. Pressure valve set to sealing.
  4. Push the Steam button and select 3 minutes (or 2 for runnier eggs, 4 for more solid eggs, etc).
  5. When beeps, immediately release the pressure and remove the lid (away from the eggs so condensation doesn't drip onto eggs). If you happen to have a little water on eggs dab with paper towel.
  6. Remove eggs from cups with spoon and enjoy!

Thank you Cooking With Curls for sharing this great technique, stop by for more tips HERE.

Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. The eggs look beautiful, Lynn. I loved soft boiled eggs, too, when I was a kid. My mom had little egg cups for me to eat my eggs from. I bought my daughter an instant pot for Christmas. Happy Sunday, Lynn!

  2. Oh those look good. My Mom is a kitchen gadget freak also! I tell her she never met a kitchen gadget she didn't want/love!

  3. I'm not much of a soft boiled egg fan, but I would love to know how you like your insta pot, it seems like everyone is using one these days...I guess since I've never had a pressure cooker I wouldn't know what to do with you use yours a lot?

    1. Oh my, I've said ever since I've had the blog an electronic pressure cooker is my #1 favorite kitchen toy! I have a 4 qt from QVC and the 6 qt Instant pot. Love them both and wouldn't be without one:@)

  4. I'm just starting to use my IP. I need to try eggs for Bill---he'd love these!

  5. Lynn, I love poached eggs and have a set of silicone cups I use often but on the cook top in simmering water. Alas, no Instant Pot, what a great use!

  6. No Instant Pot here but I do love the look of the poached eggs on toast. A favorite of mine!

  7. Now I need to buy some silicone cups to try this out!


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