Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Snippets-DIY Barbie Bling, Spring Planters and Happy Easter!

I'm always looking for inexpensive outfits and props for my Barbie photo shoots:@) Dollar Tree had some dolls and while they were what you might expect (Bad Hair Day Barbie??? And I'll try my hand at repainting her lips later), there were some very pleasant surprises too...

Update: Just touched up her lips:@)

I love that the doll comes with holes for earrings-ack!!! I did have to poke the holes all the way through with a straight pin, but that worked fine. I'll... er... I mean girls will have a blast creating Barbie Bling Earrings from beads and simple jewelry findings. In addition to a cute dress the doll came with pretty pink shoes, so overall, I think this was a fun $1 purchase.

I planted some salad greens this spring and have enjoyed cutting off a few leaves for lunch every so often. This pic is from when I first planted it. An unexpected bonus, that's a parsley plant hiding on the left... I'll truly be tickled if that grows for me:@)

In this year where the early holidays were all bunched together, I kept the Easter tree extremely simple.

The good thing about fiber optic trees is they put on a light show and have lots of movement. 
The colors also work well for Easter:@)

And lastly, I wanted to share the beautiful violas Ma gifted me-thanks Ma! 

Happy Easter Everyone-I wish you all a glorious day!


  1. I swear your Barbie is the best dressed girl in town. Happy Easter Lynn.

  2. i like your easter bucket tree! and get the girl some grandgirls, stat! ;)

  3. Wow, your "Barbie" from Dollar Tree is a great, fun purchase!
    Yea on your planter, too, and,I'm betting that the parsley makes it unless you have any bunnies around!
    Your tree just absolutely made me smile. I cannot think of a cuter way to display it than what you did, Lynn. I'm thinking that a white fiber optic tree is a good purchase. It's so versatile!
    Your Ma did good on the pretty violas.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Happy Easter Lynn! I love those sweet faces of the violas and Barbie's too with her new earrings! Your fiber optic tree is perfect for Easter with a basket of eggs :)

  5. Happy Easter! I love the idea of a pot of salad greens---I'd just need to remember to water! As far as the pork kebabs go, I haven't made them in years and will have to try to figure out the recipe. My mom made them when pork had much more marbling and I remember not being thrilled with the results with today's lean cuts :(

  6. I love your short cut Easter tree Lynn!! And Barbie's earrings! Hope you had a good one!


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