Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday ReView: Cornbread Christmas Tree, Felt Christmas Gnomes DIY & A White Christmas?

It's neat to take a family favorite and make it look just a little different... Here I used a tree shaped cake pan and made a Cornbread Christmas Tree. This adds fun to dinner any day of the week, and red and green bell peppers give it a little holiday color, not to mention taste pretty darn good too:@)

And while they've always been popular, 2020 has to be the year of the Christmas Gnome!
I was inspired by some Walmart mini ornaments and put together a tutorial to make one out of felt HERE.
I made it on DIY Barbie Blog, but at 2 1/2" tall they could also be used as gifts or tree ornaments.
Super cute:@)

And I'll leave you with a link to the Old Farmer's Almanac prediction
 as to whether your area will have a White Christmas this year:

Happy Holiday Season Everyone-enjoy🎅


  1. Both creations are super cute Lynn! Love the cornbread Christmas tree, and I agree, gnomes are popping up everywhere, and they are irresistible little fellows!!

  2. The cornbread looks so cute in the tree form and I love that gnome you made. Have a nice weekend Lynn.

  3. Pefect accompaniment to a bowl of December chili!

  4. The cornbread looks so festive, Lynn, and your gnome is so cute. I’m Planning on making gnomes with some of my granddaughters whenever they can come over.


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