Thursday, September 13, 2018

DIY Stacked Pumpkin Topiary from Dollar Tree Pumpkins & Recycled K-Cup (Barbie or Fall Decoration)

I love the look of stacked pumpkin topiaries and saw a miniature one at a craft store for $7... Not in my world folks! Dollar Tree has packs of small glitter pumpkins, and I'm always looking for ways to recycle and repurpose k-cups, add in a little hot glue... ~Wa-La~, here we have a 5" tall Stacked Pumpkin Topiary. If a kids craft, let them decorate the base as desired, Sharpies, stickers, glitter, duct tape, etc. I chose to keep mine as a white planter.

This is a quick project that will give your Barbie house, pictures and fall dioramas a little seasonal flair. 
~Or~ make a really cute fall decoration any where in the house... This one might be headed to my tiered tray centerpiece:@)

One pack of each size pumpkin(s) is enough to make two topiaries.
There are also leftover extra pumpkins and leaf shapes that can be used for something else later.

  • Cut the pick off of the bottom and stem off the top of the larger pumpkin, and cut the stem off of the middle sized one.
  • I found that they stacked better if I turned the large pumpkin upside down, the bottom is flatter.
  • The large pumpkin didn't completely cover the opening of the k-cup so we'll need something to cover the opening. Glue a colorful artificial fall leaf to lay across the top of the k-cup, or miniature leaves, raffia, Spanish moss, anything glued to the rim to cover the hole (see pic below). I crochet a chain of brown eyelet yarn and glued it to the top of the k-cup.
  • Glue large pumpkin to k-cup and the other two on top of each other. I used hot glue, any strong glue will work.
  • Decorate k-cup if desired (before or after adding the pumpkins, before might be better if a kids project).


  1. What a darling topiary, Lynn! I love that you used Dollar Tree decor. I love Barbie's dress and that she's holding a pumpkin.

  2. How adorable Lynn! You always make me smile with your clever crafty creations!

  3. Too cute Lynn! Barbie likes pumpkins as much as I do. :)


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