Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture Frame Halloween (or Christmas) Ornaments

Here's a great way to have pics of the kids through the years on display for Halloween. I love the idea of using small picture frames as ornaments and of course this is a great idea for Christmas too. Michaels actually had orange, black, white, purple and lime green frames in the $1.50 bin, all suitable for Halloween without painting. I chose to wipe the orange down with some Elmer's glue and very fine black glitter. Embellishments could be as detailed as you like. I think gluing on some number beads showing the year or childs age would be great!
My pic was from 1986 and was an instant Polaroid... Remember those? Anyone??? So I took it to Walmart and had copies made. I hear cutting the original is not a good idea.

The frames have a stand on the back, it stuck out and was visible after it was on the tree so that was trimmed straight. If at some point in time I want to place the frame on a table, it still stands up.
I hung it by wrapping string around the stand and looping it over a branch. Since these frames have a little weight to them they get nestled into the tree for a little extra support too.

There you have it folks, a fun way to bring back some seasonal memories and maybe a chuckle or two!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. Love your cute frame and ADORABLE trick-or-treaters Lynn! Have you ever taken a photo of a photo? I've done it several times it would would work pretty well for something like this. I edit the photograph pic in Picasa or you could use Picmonkey, to help it along, correct the exposure, remove any damaged spots.

  2. I ran into a young man who was taking photos of his baby at a restaurant. On second glance, it was a Polaroid camera. I asked about it. He said it was from the 1960s and he purchased it at a garage sale a few years ago. It came with lots of film and it all still worked. Nostalgia!


  3. I like your frame, Lynn, and the photo is priceless. :) j
    And yes I do remember Polaroids! lol

  4. Cute as can be...have a happy day, Lynn

  5. Those must be your boys. I'd love to see an updated photo of them. You could make a new ornament.

  6. So cute! This reminds me that I didn't get the photos of my kids in their costumes out this year... I wonder if they hid it from me?

  7. Hi Lynn. Your photo project is precious. It won't be long before these holidays will be a busy time as always. I do enjoy this time of the year.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. What a cute Idea! I would love pics of Tiger in his costume each year framed on a tree or branch!

  9. Framed and forever a sweet reminder of favorite memories, love it!

  10. What a great idea. And that little bit of glitter really makes them pop! I haven't seen these frames in the neat colors...I'll look for them! Sweet hugs!

  11. Love the frame, Lynn,, and especially the cutie pies in it!! The glitter adds the right amount of sparkle, too. Yes, I remember Polaroids quite well! Thanks for the idea and where to buy the frames.

  12. I remember Polaroids too. We took a picture of a fisherman in the south Bahamas once who was making a boat by hand if you can imagine with no power tools. We asked if we could take a picture and he graciously accommodated. After the shot, he held out his had for the picture, thinking it was a Polaroid.

    Thanks for the frame ideas and where to purchase them. They are adorable.


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