Saturday, May 14, 2022

Raised Bed Garden Update: Critter Protection -Free Recycling Project

Around here folks, trash day can be, interesting:@) One day on my walk I found a cute little doll bed for 18" dolls. The bottom was broken out, but I didn't need that for what I had in mind... What I saw was ~free~ Critter Protection for my string bean plants! I schlepped it home and took it all apart. With a little help I ended up with a structure that will, at the very least, hold netting to cover the plants, or if I want to get more involved, I can try to staple chicken wire to it. But I like the idea of it easily coming apart for after season storage (if it lasts that long), so I don't mind telling you, I'm leaning towards the netting. Dollar Tree trellises will anchor the ends and keep the netting pinned down. Approx 24" long, 22" wide, and about 19" high after I pushed the legs into the dirt. Should be enough for 3 succession plantings, two rows each, of 25¢ packs of string beans. Good for Sunday dinner.

  Is it perfect? 
Gosh no, boy I wish it was natural wood and not white for starters... 
But at this point in time,
I decided I want to see how everything grows 
before I keep purchasing expensive additions. 

The doll crib I started with:
My son cut the headboard and footboard off.
And a co-worker drilled 4 holes for me.
I spent about 20 minutes assembling everything:@)

My inspiration pic:
Greenes raised bed fence panels, 
functional but very expensive...
A word of caution,
while most raised bed sets seem to be all the same size...
Things are not all interchangeable.
The Greenes panels did not fit my Expert Gardener Walmart beds.
So, if you want to try something out,
be sure you buy it where it can easily be returned.

🐇And for anyone that might ask why so worried about the cute little bunnies...

That's my update for today-
Have a great weekend😊


  1. good find!! I love your repurposing - looking forward to seeing those climbing beans. i too am looking to go to raised beds for a few veggies; enjoying watching your coming together. love the strawberry trays. smart boys!!

  2. Very clever, and great upcycle! Happy gardening!

  3. You’re so great at thrifty solutions, Lynn! I need to plant more edibles with the cost of food rising daily. Thank you for your inspiration.

  4. You are the master of reinvention, Lynn!


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