Monday, May 23, 2022

Ham and Cabbage Salad

The temperature soared to a humid 94 degrees on Saturday, and in case you're wondering... Um, no, that's not normal for May 21st in Philly. Keeping cool and hydrated was priority number one. So, whether you want a nice cold salad and are out of lettuce, or are looking for more recipes that use cabbage, this Ham and Cabbage Salad made a nice easy meal:@) Honestly folks, it really doesn't even require a recipe, make it family size, or just a bowl for lunch (like I did here). Simply add a squirt of lemon and mix to your desired consistency with mayonnaise. The ham adds a salty component, cucumber cold and wet, corn sweetness, and the cabbage is filling. It's a nice combination.
This is a good ~use it up~ recipe if you happen to have some ham in the freezer.
I used cabbage I already had in the fridge,
a nice young head with some green leaves would be prettiest if possible.

And yes, please do replant those scallions!
or right in the garden:
It's just good thrifty fun:@)

Ham and Cabbage Salad-from Taste of Home
Small head of cabbage, approx 1 lb, sliced like coleslaw
4 small cucumbers
15 oz can sweet corn, drained well-I used frozen corn, cooked in microwave and cooled
8 oz ham, diced
1/3 C scallion, sliced, use white part too-save a little for garnish if serving company:@)
3/4 C mayonnaise
1 Tblsp fresh lemon juice
S&P to taste
~Mix everything well, serve chilled.

Eat well and have a happy day:@)


  1. This sounds very yummy Lynn, love the combo!

  2. Oh, num, this sounds fresh and country. A nice switch from macaroni or potatoes. My crew will llove it! Great post, Sandi

  3. All my favorites in one: cabbage, corn, cukes! This will be fun to make with fresh sweet corn!

  4. Sounds like a great salad to me! I always have cabbage in my fridge.


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