Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Tree 2016

Ladies and Ghouls... I'd like to present this year's Halloween tree. I went with the smaller 3' black tree that came with orange lights and the witch tree topper ~is back~. If you're new to Pig In Mud I've been gathering items for my Halloween tree for many years and use several different trees.

  New idea for 2016, I thought it might be fun to dig out some old candelabra Christmas lights 
and decided spiders and webbing would help them fit right in at Halloween.

Ornaments are everything from fancy Shiny Brites to silly rubber mice... 

Lots of glitter, glass and smiles, with crafted ornaments in between...

All with a wink and nod to the fun side of Halloween.

Note: Whitchy-Poo did not approve of using the flash for this pic but...
a spell must have come over the camera:@)
Previous trees: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2010.

Happy Halloween decorating everyone-enjoy!


  1. LOVE your tree!! The use of the candle lights was brilliant!! Great idea!! And I adore the witch topper!!I just posted my Halloween Tree and village so if you have time, drop by!!

  2. A lovely tree first time ive seen a holloween tree.. With love Janice

  3. Such a fun addition for the season. The witch topper is great. Happy Halloween!

  4. Lynn, I always get a kick and a smile from your spooktacular tree! I love the new addition of the candelabra Christmas lights with web and spiders!

  5. Your years of collecting has really paid off! What a spectacular (I mean spooktacular) Halloween tree!

  6. You have some great ornaments, Lynn! I love the witch topper and The Witch is Back sign under her :)

  7. Ooh my Lynn, your tree is perfect!! All the decorations are great, including the witch, and my favorites are the candle lights and how you've spooked them up. Great job and such fun!

  8. Spooktacular and Bewitching Lynn! Your tree is jam packed full of fabulous creepy and eerie! LOVE the spider web candelabra lights, very brilliant! I need a big fat Halloween tree in my life, maybe next year...he he he

  9. You are the queen of Halloween trees, Lynn!

  10. Every year I see your tree, I want to make one myself! It is spooktacular!

  11. I love seeing your tree each year! It is wonderful!!

  12. Beautiful tree!!
    Happy Halloween!
    Monique 🐾🐾


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