Saturday, October 20, 2018

Barbie Candy Centerpiece -Witch for Halloween

Ma was doing a little purging and asked if I'd like a Wilton Barbie Cake Topper... Yes please:@) While I do have a couple fun cake ideas, the first thing I wanted to try was a Barbie Candy Centerpiece, and since it's Halloween, I made her a witch! This is a cute idea if you're having a girl's Halloween party or birthday around Halloween. I'd say this is more of a ~sweet~ witch, rather than a wicked one... I strive to keep the 'Happy' in Halloween, but you decorate yours as you wish:@)

If you Google or look on Pinterest, there are several ways to do this, I'll show how I made mine.  
I started with the Wilton doll cake topper: 

  Picked up a plastic cup at Walmart, twisted scissors back and forth in the bottom to make a small hole.
Then pushed the point on the bottom of the doll through the hole. 

I used a little orange streamer for her top. 

Some folks use double sided tape to attach the candy, some use glue dots, I just used hot glue.
Start with the bottom row and overlap the candy a little as you work upwards for each row.

I glued a few toy rings here and there for looks and an extra treat.
Add a black cape if desired, I simply used a holiday hair band I had on-hand (see top pic).
This project comes together pretty quickly once you decide what candy to use
and how you want to decorate the doll.
 I could even see this as a cake topper.


  1. That turned out SO cute! How clever you are! Wish I could stop by for a treat! Hugs!

  2. This is adorable, Lynn. I'm into keeping the happy in Halloween too. I don't go for scary or gruesome. Just good, cute little witches like Tilly the Witch. I'm sharing this idea with my niece who likes to make birthday cakes for her two little nieces. Also have a friend who collects Barbie dolls. She needs a cake with this topper. Thanks for sharing the idea and Happy Halloween!

  3. very cute idea. I have one of those from my cake decorating days

  4. This is adorable Lynn! Love her candy skirt and her hat! <|:>)


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