Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Tree 2015

My little St. Patrick's Day Tree is always a work in progress and this year it is a 30" fiber optic tree I picked up on Christmas clearance. The changing colors remind me of a rainbow... rainbow... leprechauns... pot of gold... anyone??? Well, that's my story this year anyway:@) The Hershey ~Kiss Me I'm Irish~ Leprechaun adds a nice burst of orange to the topper and the goal is to add some orange ball ornaments next year.

This glass ornament leprechaun on a pot of gold was from Macy's for pennies after Christmas clearance a few years ago. 
Posts for: beaded shamrocks HERE, yo-yo shamrocks  HERE, ribbon shamrocks HERE,
crochet shamrocks HERE and Hershey Kiss Shamrocks HERE.
It's good to have options:@)

 I loved this greedy little guy the minute I saw him on Pintrest HERE. My suggestion/contribution to the project is rolling his hands and feet.

Gotta say my (wee bit o' Irish) eyes are smiling...

These buttons were at Walmart last year and I decided they'd make fun ornaments. 
I'll leave you with... 
Happy St. Patrick's Day planning:@)


  1. You know I'm loving your St. Patty's tree. It's so festive. Cheers to a fellow year-round holiday tree lover!!

  2. Your family has to smile when they see your St. Paddy's Day tree when they come for Sumday dinner! Fiber optic anything just adds a special sparkle in the evening. You've decorated your tree with such a flair with homemade fun, Lynn. Thanks for sharing all your decorations with us. I'm wondering if you'll use the same tree for Easter? The white is a good choice for so many other holidays.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Kiss me I'm Irish and love this tree!

  4. This is making me want corned beef and cabbage--and green beer!


  5. Your tree is adorable Lynn and so is that pin. I was reading a novel yesterday and the main characters were celebrating St. Patrick's Day in an Irish pub and ended up "stumbling" home.

  6. It sure brightens up your home for the month of March. Enjoy your day my friend! I'm going to look at those deviled eggs! Hugs!

  7. So friggin cute Lynn! I have been dragging around this gloomy morning, depressed about yet another approaching winter storm that has closed everything in this city, and you have put a jig in my step with this fabulously fun tree! Your crafted ornaments look so adorable with all the other wonderful decorations you've found~ Love the Get Ready to Stumble! Thank you so much for the giggles!! Hope your snowy day is not a problem~

  8. hahah.. lets get ready to stumble. The tree looks adorable!!!!

  9. You are so creative, Lynn! Your tree is so much fun and brought a smile to my face :)

  10. laughing at the button. :) so cute.

  11. It just gets cuter and cuter! I just love the glass leprechaun! You are always so fun! This would be a bright spot in the house and what memories you are creating!

  12. Your tree is adorable! I enjoyed seeing your creativity once again, Lynn! :)

  13. Cute, all 30" of it! Trying to get my green together here so I can join Kathleen's party.

  14. That's an adorable little the white and green.
    I always join Kathleen's party so I need to get it in gear....:)

  15. So cute Lynn, and that's no blarney! Love the fiber optic and rainbow effect of your tree :)

  16. Hi Lynn, I spotted this last night on my blogroll, but ran out of time for visiting before I went to bed. I'm so glad you've shared this -- I LOVE it!!! This is one of the cutest,non-Christmas, holiday trees I've seen. Love the glass ornament from Macy's, and the crocheted shamrocks are wonderful (I NEED to learn to crochet). :) The pipe-cleaner leprechaun you showed is darling -- I can see why you wanted to make him, and the garland just brings everything together on the tree. Now, you can enjoy it all for the month of March. :-D

    Have a great weekend, Lynn!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  17. SO fun, Lynn!! Lots of treasures on this St. Patrick's Day tree :)

  18. Hi L.! Lots of green stuff here! Don't forget to link one of these up tomorrow night for the crawl! 7th one!


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