Monday, February 23, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Bead Letter Ornaments or Bracelets

These St. Patrick's Day Bead Letter Ornaments whip up in no time, actually, what takes the longest is trying to figure out what words you can spell with the letters you have. I used gold pipe cleaners for the ornaments, to make bracelets just use stretchy cord or jewelry supplies if you have them. This is a fun little project for a cold/snowy/icy day... and one the kids can surely help with.

I like to drape the ornaments over the branches on the tree. You could also add a string or hook and hang them from the branches. 

A bracelet would be a cute way for a girl to wear a little green...
After all, no one wants to get pinched:@)

Make something just for fun and have a happy day!

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  1. Cute ornaments Lynn and that's no blarney! Hope you're staying warm :)

  2. have you kissed the Blarney stone? I have!!

  3. Girls of any age would love these bracelets Lynn.

  4. Cute idea! I don't do a St Pat's tree...well not yet anyway!

  5. Cute! Now serve me up a big bowl of your onion soup, a dozen chicken bombs and some of granny's sheet cake, please!

  6. You're always up to some fun craft, Lynn. Yes, the granddaughters would love making one of these bracelets. They do look cute as ornaments on your St. Patrick's Day tree.

  7. So cute! I bet my daughters would enjoy making these on their next snow day off school (which will probably be tomorrow with the way this winter has been going!)

  8. Adorable bracelets! I know my daughter would wear one :)

  9. Ha! These are adorable Lynn, no blarney! You are definitely in the St. Pat's spirit, I must dust off my 4 leaf clovers~

  10. What fun! Josie would enjoy spelling out the words!!

  11. These are so cute and how fun for the tree! I love your tree skirt too! And those face plates - aren't they just too funny! Life passes so quickly, I can't believe how much I have missed! You are too fun!


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