Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fresh Picked Strawberry Carrots

How cute are these! I saw the strawberry carrots on Pinterest but thought I'd make them "just picked" with a little dirt still on them. Ok truthfully, any excuse for adding semi-sweet chocolate...
I've had this ceramic bunny for over 14 years, he's never looked so yummy!
They just make me smile:@)
Candy Covered Strawberries
  1. Fresh strawberries, rinsed and dried well.
  2. Dip in either orange or white candy melts with a little orange food coloring gel. Or you could use white chocolate with a little orange food coloring gel. Melt candy in microwave or double boiler.
  3. Dip the berries.
  4. Set on wax paper/parchment/silicone liner and add "texture" with an icing bag or sandwich bag with tiny tip cut off. Let dry.
  5. Partially dip in melted chocolate.
  6. Set on wax paper/parchment/silicone liner to dry.
  7. Store air tight in fridge.
I did try this with chocolate jimmies, but thought the melted chocolate looked better.
  • This is the first time I've used candy melts, they firmed up very quickly after being dipped, much faster than chocolate. 
  • I used Wilton Icing Coloring Gel for the orange color.
  • You might want to go slower and make straight lines across the berries, I just added a quick squiggle. 
  • I was surprised at the flavor of the candy melts, they are pretty good. But if this was my contribution to Easter dinner, I'd use a good white chocolate like Ghirardelli. 
Have a happy day!

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  1. They are just adorable, Lynn!

  2. How creative! I bet my kids would just eat these up..har har! What a great idea though!

  3. Everything is better with chocolate on it--well, almost everything.


  4. Oh my, they looks gorgeous. Like tiny cupcakes. Thats the sweetest idea with strawberries I ever saw.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  5. These are so cute! I just learned recently that you have to buy special coloring for the candy melts! I never realized this before. I agree, these would be cute for Easter dinner. Joni

  6. what a cute idea!

  7. I pinned your first picture. What a great idea. Lori

  8. They look delicious. What makes these strawberries even more festive is the adorable bunny. I was wondering if you can tint white chocolate? Ghirardelli is a brand I use also, but have never used food coloring in it.

  9. Thanks. They look delish! AND I have no chocolate in the house!!! HElp.
    Blessings, Barb

  10. This is a really cute idea, Lynn. They really do look like a carrots at frirst glance, and I like the dark chocolate ends. Your bunny is adorable- Pottery Barn has a similar bunny candy dish out this season that is all white..I am soooo tempted to buy one!

  11. Oh my gosh I have always seen them in chocolate colors - those look so much better - yum! sandie

  12. These are so cute and I bet they taste amazing! Love this idea! Hugs, Linda

  13. Oh the leaves make them just perfect. Either that or the rabbit. Glad to see that you are at least a little fond of rabbits : )

  14. Yum! I love strawberries, especially when they are dipped in chocolate..Chtistine

  15. I have been desperately trying to get your receipe for dried apricot jam and it continues to say "page not found"....please help thanks....cleo

  16. These are S W E E T Lynn. They look yummy and are healthier than many Easter treats. The bunny can hope by and leave a beautiful big basket of these for me. Thanks!

  17. Those are cute. I have a weird aversion to having chocolate and fruit mixed together. I love chocolate, I love fruit, but I can't have them both in one bite. Weird huh?

  18. These are adorable, what a fun little treat for Easter! I like both of your versions - I think the chocolate would taste better but the little jimmies look more like dirt! Cute, Cute, Cute!

  19. How cute are these! OK, I have to ask, did the piggies get to share?

  20. THese are the most lovely treats! that first picture is priceless!
    Mary x

  21. These are adorable! I love how you displayed them in your ceramic bunny :)

  22. Just adorable, cute and you are so good at this kind of thing.
    xo bj

  23. Oh my gosh Lynn... these are adorable! Very clever. So good to visit you my dear friend!

  24. Aren't those neat? They look so good. I'm hosting a new blog party for Mondays ... Help me spread the word?? For details, visit


  25. They (almost) look as good as the chocolate ones! ;-) But i do have to admit that bunny makes the difference!

    Hugs from Indiana

  26. That bunny is adorable! Very cute strawberries. I never used the melts on fruit, just for lollipops for the kids. i agree, I would use white chocolate.

    Your pig electronics are hysterical!

  27. These not only look YUMMY but are so dang cute also..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  28. Oh my, Lynn, these are just the cutest!

  29. These are so cute! Great idea for Easter!

  30. Hi Lynn, adding the "dirt" was a fabulous idea! Fruit is always better with chocolate! Linda

  31. Those are too cute for words!! I've used the candy melts on strawberries & I think they work great, too. I do agree that the Ghiradelli would be better, but most people wouldn't notice...they'd be gobbling them up too fast!!

  32. Just realized that I had missed these. That is so cute!

  33. Oh that's hilarious. I would not have known that those were strawberries. Ever. lol. Thanks for sharing at our party.

  34. Lynn, this is a great idea and absolutely precious!! I must make a plate of these for Easter. You are the best!! Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day and Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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