Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Pat's Day Ornaments

I'm happy to be joining Cuisine Kathleen for her blog crawl! (While I've been on my share of pub crawls... this is a first!)

I'm sharing Yo-Yo Clover Ornaments I made for my feather tree, they started out as yo-yo's and I shaped them into shamrocks.

Updated-I've been asked how to make them: I started with a round yo-yo and just ran string up through the center, looped it around the outer edge and back into the center, then pulled it a little snug. I did that in three spots to make the three petals of the clover. Once you do it you'll see:@)

It's a good use for scraps of material, and looked great on the tree - Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Very cute! How creative you are!!

  2. I love them, very creative! Thanks so much for joining in the party!

  3. So cute - and just How many pub crawls....LOL

  4. What a great project with yo-yo's. I just love them!!


  5. Lynn-I don't think my comment posted. If it did just delete one please. I am glad to "meet" you! Love your blog title. You will meet so many wonderful people as you blog and you are right. It does keep the creative juices flowing. :) Love your shamrocks!

  6. How absolutely adorable! I love them. Thank you for sharing. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

  7. These are so so cute. You did a great job...
    Happy St. Patrick's Day..


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