Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Coaster-Crochet Pattern

I start my day with a cup of strong coffee in front of my computer. This gives me a little quiet time to get caught up on anything I missed and wake up:@) I wanted to make a fun new coaster and since Halloween is coming quickly opted for a pumpkin that can be used through Thanksgiving. This shape is basic enough that I figured I could wing it without trying to find a pattern, it worked up cute!
 I used an H hook and in a perfect world the orange yarn would be 100% cotton. I used acrylic worsted weight, why? Say it with me now... Because that's what I had on hand-right:@)

Here are some general directions:
1. Basically you're just making a circle that lays flat.
2. Add the stem using the last three stitches of the last row.
3. Give it a little pumpkin shape with a partial row on the sides.
4. Add any leaf shape you'd like.

Pumpkin Coaster
R1~ Make magic circle. Ch 2, DC 11 times. Tighten circle, slip stitch into top of Ch 2.
R2~ Ch 3, DC into same space. 2 DC each hole around, slip stitch into top of Ch 3.
R3~ Ch 3, *DC into next space, 2 DC into next space. Repeat from *. Slip stitch into top of Ch 3.
R4~ Ch3, *2 DC in next space, DC next hole, repeat from * until you have three stitches left. Change color to brown (for stem), finish last three stitches and slip stitch into top of Ch3.
R5~ Ch2, turn and DC across stem. Repeat this until you make the stem as long as you'd like (I just made one more row- Ch2, DC, SC, Slip Stitch, wanted the stem to be on an angle:@). Cut brown and fasten off.
Sides: (There is no right or wrong here folks, you just don't want the pumpkin to be perfectly round.) About 3-4 stitches from the middle of the bottom attach orange, do 2 SC, 3 HDC, 4 DC, 3 HDC, 2 SC, slip stitch and fasten off. Do the same for the other side.
Add green yarn about 3 stitches from stem, SC into those 3 stitches. Ch2, turn.
2 DC onto Ch2 hole, 2 TC into next hole, 2 DC in last hole. Ch3 turn.
SC into first stitch after Ch3. DC next stitch, 2 TC next stitch. Fasten off.

Pour a cup of coffee or tea and have a happy day:@)

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  1. Lynn that is a darn cute coaster that would be fun to start the day with! I am always amazed at those of you who know how to knit and crochet. Joni

  2. How cute is that! I'm determined to learn to crochet. I've come as far as having the yarn and hook on the table by my chair. That's the first step...right?

  3. This is Greek to me but I do admire it so! I would like to have a big potholder sized one.

  4. Just adorable! Pinned! Thanks so much, you are so good with the directions, so many crochet patterns leave me cross eyed and with a head ache!

  5. Just darling!! What a fun Halloween project!

  6. That is just so cute! I need to read up on the magic circle because I have never done it. I did find a really cute tea cozy pattern online.
    I love seasonal, fun things to bring out like this cute pumpkin! xo

  7. My sister would love this. Thanks for sharing. xo

  8. I haven't crocheted in years. This is pretty cute and would look great on a Thanksgiving table wouldn't it.

  9. I love little projects like this one that I can actually finish! Cute. :)

  10. I think the pumpkin is really cute I think I well make my mom some of them.


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