Sunday, July 24, 2016

Christmas In July-(Philadelphia Eagles) Sports Nut Squirrel Pipe Cleaner Ornament

Christmas in July always tickles me! I stop by the thrift stores and watch QVC hoping to find something fun. As for crafts, my thoughts turn to ornaments because I'll be setting up my Eagles tree soon... This year's addition is a cute Sports Nut Squirrel Pipe Cleaner Ornament:@) The Eagles have been a little squirrely the last few years... Hopefully things get better soon!

These little guys can be personalized with any saying and any theme. Whatever someone is a "nut" about:@)

My squirrel looks like he's been eating pretty well... A few too many tailgating acorns perhaps???
You may want to make the head a little smaller and belly a little thinner.

  I didn't find a really good tutorial this time, just played around with what I saw on Pinterest HERE.
My ornament ended up around 2" and took almost 3 pipe cleaners and one bump chenille for the tail.
He's just hanging out waiting for football season to start... and he's not the only one!

Happy Christmas In July Folks-Stay Cool:@)


  1. Too creative and cute Lynn! Your well-fed squirrel looks like those in our yard after raiding the bird feeders :)

  2. This is one adorable squirrel Lynn! I love the beads and little football! So much cuter than the fat ones that cause havoc in my plants and pots. I can't wait for football season either, and will be looking forward to this year's Eagle tree :)

  3. Love your cute pipe cleaner squirrel, Lynn, and definitely cuter than the real ones than scurry around my yard.
    I just read your Saturday Snippets, and like your idea of flavored tea, and the lemon pasta. I was just at Aldi the other day, but didn't notice that item. They sure have good prices on lots of things!
    Happy Sunday, Lynn!

  4. that is just too cute! I know that you can't wait for football season.
    Stay cool and have a great new week.

  5. So cute, you are so creative!! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Lynn, I always smile at your creativity! Keep 'em coming.


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