Sunday, April 27, 2014

Self Striping Cotton Yarn Dishcloth

I've been looking at this Self Striping Cotton Yarn for Dishcloths for a while now and with the summer holidays coming up decided to grab a skein of red, white and blue to try it out. While the OCD me would love to crack the code to end up with perfectly even stripes... I don't think that will ever happen. But I do think this "wavy striped" one will be just fine for dishes:@)
The yarn does have little coloring flaws, like that blob of blue in the middle... But this was a nice easy way to make a colorful dishcloth that has big blocks of color without having to use three different skeins of yarn and weave in a bunch of ends.
I used my standard One-sie Two-sie Pattern:
Using an I hook and 100% cotton yarn-
~Ch 27
~SC first row, ch 1, turn
~*SC first hole, DC next hole, repeat from *, Ch 1, turn
~When about 8" square, SC last row.
If all goes well, every row except the first and last will begin with a single crochet and end with a double crochet...

 Do you have a pattern you like to use with this striped yarn?

Have a happy day:@)

PS-You may have noticed a post I put up briefly mentioning that these colors bled... a lot.
In nosing around the net I found this, hope it helps others:

Well, what do you know? On the back of the Sugar n Cream label, way under the free pattern, it says:
Wash colors separately. SOME COLORS MAY RUN. (I'm not shouting; it's in caps on the label!)
So I went to the website and in Questions and Answers it says:
"16. How do you set the dye in a yarn / garment to prevent the dye from coming off on hands and needles while working with it? 
Knit your project, and soak it in a solution of the following: 1-2 c PICKLING SALT and COLD WATER. Set for half an hour. Rinse THOROUGHLY in water. Soak again in VINEGAR and WATER. Set for half an hour. Rinse THOROUGHLY."


  1. Very cute. My mom makes dishcloths like these all the time - I absolutely love them. I am working on a bright and sunny yellow one now.

  2. i like it! what they don't make nowadays. :)

  3. You always do a great job on all your handy work. I love how this dish cloth looks. Very patriotic.

  4. The dishcloth turned out great, Lynn. I'm with you, and dislike weaving in a bunch of ends. I think the multicolored yarn makes it much more fun to crochet, too.

  5. Wonderful for the July 4th celebration!! Blessings dear. Catherine

  6. Potholders and dishcloths are my repertoire when it comes to crocheting, and this yarn would work for both! Cute for the summer holidays coming up. :)

  7. Lynn,
    You have such patience to do kind of handwork that somehow I life. I couldn't even embroidery well as a child :) Love the colors of our flag. They would make a great summer gift.

  8. There is a little whimsy and cuteness is the random blue spot in the middle for some reason. It sort of fits summer because it's unexpected.
    I am thinking of throwing you a Barbie Challenge with this yarn. Can you make something for Barbie to wear or take to a patriotic party? Maybe at the beach?

    Ready... set.... GO!

    (Just kidding. Well, kinda kidding. )

  9. Love May She Wave and Wash Lynn! I prefer the wavy patriotic stripes and the little blue in the center looks like you planned it :)

  10. I love these kind of washcloths. My aunt makes them and every now and then I get a little stash of them. They don't seem to wear out. Yours is much prettier though :)

  11. This is so cute! =) I love homemade dishcloths!

  12. Even with a minuscule imperfection, I actually like the look of this better than solid! Nice!

  13. oh wow, that is great looking yarn! Much too pretty to use as a dishcloth!


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