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Monday, August 17, 2015

Eagles Football Tree 2015

It's just about my favorite season of the year... football season! This year I decided to use the little tinsel tree to support the Eagles, I like that it has lights and silver/gray is one of my team colors:@) I made a little Go Team spoolie ornament and posted the new logo balls that were a thrift store find earlier. The glass football ornaments are from Michaels.

The football tree is still a work in progress but I'm slowing gathering and making things for it.

  I picked up a pack of six pins, hot glued a ribbon to the back and think they make nice simple filler ornaments.
The football in the lower left is actually an eraser. I had a vintage string of lights that had seen better days,
so I saved the foil reflectors and tossed the string... The green tinsel works well with this tree.

 So that's my Eagles tree this year folks, between this and my new charm bracelet... We have to win!
Have a happy day:@)


  1. I love your tinsel tree and your team spirit Lynn! Those spoolie ornaments are too cute :)

  2. Fun idea for football season!
    I made the potatoes last night and fell in love and am making them for a big BBQ tonight. Yes the bacon adds a ton! They were fabulous! Thanks!

  3. This is really cute and perfect for you and your football addiction!!

  4. The light up tinsel tree is perfect for your Eagles football decor, Lynn! Someone should do a story on you being the Eagles' #1 Fan!!

  5. Your tree is adorable, Lynn! Love it. Best of luck to your Eagles!

  6. Love it. Your tree and team spirit seems to say it all.

  7. Bill would surely love a Packers' version!

  8. You know I'm jumping up and down clapping right? Your tree is looking fabulous Lynn! Time to get the Roll Tide Tree ready! The only good thing about summer winding down is FOOTBALL season!!

  9. Hard to believe it's that time of year again! I'm sure most of Wisconsin is getting excited too :)


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