Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ribbon Shamrocks-Ornaments, Garland or Barrette Embellishments

I immediately bookmarked these cute little Ribbon Shamrock Ornaments for my feather tree! This is an easy project that the kids could help make and there's no limit to how the shamrocks can be used, napkin rings anyone??? I knew I wanted smaller ornaments so, I used 1/4" regular ole craft ribbon and cut it 2" long. As a point of reference, this made the whole clover (excluding stem) 1 1/2" long. And it's always fun to add a little bling-beads, sequins or a button look cute in the center.
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I'd like to thank Potlucks on the Porch for a great picture tutorial! Stop by HERE to see how easy this fun St. Patty's Day craft can be. The only thing I did differently was, I didn't bother sealing the ends of the ribbon.

Here are a few more Shamrock Craft ideas from Pig In Mud, click the name for the posts:


  1. Anything with a four leaf clover shouts out 4H project to me. Love the shamrock with the bee : )

  2. These are adorable. I must pass them along to my Irish sister-in-law who always celebrates St. Patrick's Day in a very big way.

  3. What fun! I see we both have a bit of "green" happening at each other's houses right now.

  4. These are Sew Pretty :)
    Thanks for sharing your idea.
    Have a happy day and keep smiling.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. All Lovely!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  6. The ribbon shamrocks are beautiful. Such a nice idea.

  7. I love your ribbon shamrocks. I need to give that a try!

  8. I wish I lived next door to you so your creative skills would rub off on me. Cute ideas. I will share this with my daughter.

  9. What fun Lynn! They would make great napkin ring embellishments :)

  10. Kiss me I'm Irish! These are so cute, adorable and crafty! I would love for you to share this at my linky party going on NOW!

  11. This would be so cute for my granddaughters. I just need to go get some green ribbon and I'll be set!

  12. These would make fun pins to waer of St. Patrick's Day!

  13. I love the ribbon shamrocks, Lynn. I also commented on your crocheted shamrocks -- they're awesome. You should teach crochet classes, seriously. :) Thank you for sharing your fun ideas and tutorials; I hope you have a great day!


    Denise at Forest Manor


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