Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hatching Chick Ornament or Decoration -using a real egg shell

I've added another fuzzy chick to the Easter tree and purposely kept this little Hatching Chick Ornament as "natural" as I could. I decided against dying the egg so the bright yellow would really pop! While I've tried my hand at blowing out eggs (thought my brain would blow out of my ears:@), this time the top was gently tapped to crack it open... It was a lot easier. The eggs whip up pretty quickly and the only thing you really need to be gentle with is the hole for the feet. This is a fun craft that older kids can help decorate. 
Even if you don't have a tree, I think these little guys would be adorable in Easter vignettes or as decorations in a kitchen.  

Hatching Chick Ornament or Decoration
  1. Tap the top of a real egg gently with a butter knife until it cracks open. Carefully pick off some of the shell to make a hole big enough for the chick's head. Jagged edges are ok and will actually help hold the chick in. 
  2. Turn the shell upside down and dump out the egg. Gently wash the shell, inside and out very well, turn it upside down and let dry.
  3. Using a pin, poke a hole in the lower third of the egg. Poke it a few times making the hole big enough to fit the tip of something sharp (scissors, knife, etc). Gently twist the point back and forth in the hole until the hole is big enough to hold the chick's feet. This is the most delicate part of the project.
  4. At this point you can dye the egg or decorate it any way you'd like, mine is au naturale.
  5. I have the standard fuzzy chicks from Michaels that are out every year, from feet to top of head they're about 2". Cut one in half and stuff the chick into the holes. Glue in place if desired.
  6. Glue string or ribbon onto the shell for hanging if desired.
Make something just for fun and have a happy day:@)

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  1. That decoration is absolutey adorable, Lynn! My youngest son and DIL, that have chickens in their yard would get a kick out of these.

  2. We've got Easter egg decorating on the agenda for tomorrow! I'm definitely adding this activity to our Easter egg fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are so darn cute!!!


  4. Absolutely DARLING!!! Thanks for the explanation. Ms. C. would ♥♥♥ these!!

  5. How clever. I love this one Lynn. Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  6. I love it...I have some fake eggs from Walmart that I can use to make theses. Thanks for the idea.

  7. That Easter Chick is adorable! What a fun ornament! Happy Easter!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. Oh my stars, that is the cutest thing ever! I've got to get some chicks and do this for the kiddos, they will freak!!! Too cute Lynn, Happy Easter!

  9. What a cute idea, Lynn! Love it! I think I'll wait until my grandsons get a little older. Right now, they would probably enjoy breaking the rest of the shells :)

  10. So adorable! My mom used to blow tons of eggs each Easter and it's sure a lot harder than I expected! I like your method better :) Happy Easter, Lynn!!!

  11. Now those are just too cute!!
    Happy Easter~

  12. These are just mother made the most beautiful Christmas decorations using blown egg....we stored them in egg cartons but over the years, they cracked and became almost dust.
    Happy Easter

  13. AAaaaaggghhh!!! He is just too cute! :)

  14. This little hatching chick is so funny.

  15. Your hatching chick in your egg tray crack me up Lynn, love those feet peeking out of the shell! Happy Easter :)


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